Dried echinops flower

  • Scientific name : ECHINOPS ADENOCAULOS
  • Family : Asteraceae
  • Native to the region : Central Asia
Echinops flower

Echinops flower

Dried echinops Flower : Echinops is a genus of perennial ( biennial ) plants. This genus has 54 species of prickly perennial herbaceous plants in Iran, which are usually exclusive to Iran.

Echinops is a prickly plant in the form of a thorn with a thick root and a branched stem 80 to 150 cm high, whose flowers are in the form of a thorny blue ball at the end of the stem. This plant has large leaves with split ends, serrated, prickly, delicate and transparent green.

The thin and delicate spines at the top of the leaf teeth of this plant show a yellow color and a distinct appearance in contrast to the green color of the petiole. Other plants become darker.

It’s capitulae are large and solitary and have tubular and purple flowers. The fruit is translucent black, with yellow ornaments leading to serrated filaments. This plant grows in car form along abandoned roads, barren lands and foreign borders of agricultural lands in most parts of Europe and Asia and is distributed in the Mediterranean region to Iran.

Due to it’s unique beauty, in addition to it’s many usages in traditional medicine and pharmacy, echinops plant is also used as an ornamental dried flower in interior decoration. The export of dried echinops flower has provided a great opportunity for wholesalers and exporters of echinops and other medicinal plants to make significant profits.

Growing place of sugarcane

Dried echinops flower

Dried echinops flower

This plant in most provinces of Iran, especially Yazd (Mehriz), Khorasan, Fars (Shiraz, Jahrom), Isfahan, Kerman, Kermanshah, Hamedan, Lorestan, in the west on the slopes of Mount Peru and in Golpayegan, Tafresh, Oshtrankooh, Tabriz, Semnan ( Shahroud), Mazandaran, Tehran, the slopes of Alborz, Damavand, Zanjan at an altitude of 1800 meters above sea level and scatter and crop collection is more or less done in these areas.

In many parts of Iran, despite the presence and abundance of echinops, no traces of insect activity and presence are observed. In Europe, Asia and Africa, a variety of thistle plants are also widespread.

Date and intervals of planting echinops

Echinops can be grown alternately with most plants, but weeds are more suitable for this purpose. Not only do these plants not impoverish the soil, but if their plant debris is returned to the soil, large amounts of organic matter are added to the soil.

This plant can be planted in a field for a maximum of 2 to 3 years. Echinops is grown in the cold regions in the spring and in the tropics as an autumn crop. The best time for spring planting is the first spring. Delay in planting is not suitable because the plant does not go to the stem and yield is greatly reduced. The best time for autumn planting is early autumn.

Reproduction of echinops

Propagation of echinops is usually done by seeds.

Thanksgiving harvest echinops

In spring planting, the fruits ripen gradually from early summer. When the fruits ripen, the florets dry out and long white fibers ( papules ) appear. The color of ripe fruits is brown and shiny. Ripe fruits are easily separated from the plant and scattered around. Capitols are usually harvested in one step.

Late July to early August is a good time to harvest. Because echinops has large and dense leaves and is surrounded by many razor blades. Harvesting capitols by hand is very problematic. In small areas, capitols can be harvested with a scythe, but in large areas, harvesting is possible only with special machines. After collecting the fruit, they are kept dry and clean and kept in a suitable place. Seed yield depends on various factors of climatic conditions and harvest method.

One of the most important medicinal plants is echinops, which is grown in Iran as a car and can even be cultivated. This plant species has been the basis for the production of various medicines in the world, which is used in combination with other medicinal compounds.

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