Our Family Products group

our experince in red willow area:

“Our Family Products” Corporate has officially started its work in the cultivation and selling of the red willow since 2011 and during its activity time, the group has tried to deliver the best quality possible to its customers. “Our Family Products” Corporate consists of three Departments of Cultivation, Domestic sales and International Sales.

The Red willow is grown in the Mahallat City of Iran. Due to its cold climate and mountain coverage, the region has one of the best suitable environment for growing the red willow in the world.

Our Goals:

  1. Enhancing the quality of the red willow by focusing on modern scientific methods of planting and harvesting
  2. Expanding global sales market through increasing customers’ satisfaction
  3. Focusing on customers’ needs and try to upgrade of costumer’s needs and striving to exceed their expectations
  4. Improving the speed of delivery and shipping as well as packaging and sanitation issues.

our experince in flower import to Iran: