OurFamilyProducts group

OurFamilyProducts is a producer and distributor of flowers, ornamental plants and agricultural products in Iran. Some of the products are exported to different countries and we also import all kinds of seeds, ornamental flowers and agricultural implements from other countries.
We have had successful export experience to various countries such as China, Japan, Russia, the Netherlands, Turkey and Italy, Iraq and Oman, and we are gradually seeking to develop our export markets.
Satisfaction of our customers is a requirement of our activity and their sustainable trade is our philosophy of existence. Therefore, in Our Family product , we are looking for continuous improvement to provide better products and special services to our customers.
OurFamilyProducts have been officially launched since 2010. However, the family and professional occupation of the founders is activity in the field of flowers and plants, and therefore we have accumulated many years of experience in our company.
This collection has grown over the years and we now have more than 20 employees and more than 100 products available.
In the production sector, we have two ornamental flower greenhouses, and in the city of Mahallat, we have a land with an area of ​​30,000 square meters for planting ornamental plants such as red willow.
We operate in the Central Iranian Flower and Plant Market (in Tehran) and operate as a distributor of flowers and ornamental plants, as well as sales representatives in various cities.
Due to our activities for many years as a representative and distributor, we also have a number of reputable foreign companies and we import seeds and agricultural implements from these companies.
If you need information and cooperation to export to Iran, contact us.
To buy products and import from Iran, it is enough to send us a message through the communication channels provided on the contact us page. Our colleagues are eager to respond to you.

Our motto :
Flowers for you, we present some of the beauties of Iran


Production of the best flowers and plants in Iran, fast and good distribution and connection with the world trade chain