Dried hemlock flower

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Dried hemlock flower

Dried hemlock flower : Conium maculatum, colloquially known as hemlock, poison hemlock or wild hemlock, is a highly poisonous biennial herbaceous flowering plant in the carrot family Apiaceae, native to Europe and North Africa. A hardy plant capable of living in a variety of environments, hemlock is widely naturalized in locations outside its native range, such as parts of Australia, West Asia, and North and South America, to which it has been introduced. It is capable of spreading and thereby becoming an invasive weed.

Under the right conditions the plant grows quite rapidly during the growing season and can reach heights of 2.4 metres (8 feet), with a long penetrating root. The plant has a distinctive odour usually considered unpleasant that carries with the wind. The hollow stems are usually spotted with a dark maroon colour before the plant dies and becomes dry and brown after completing its biennial lifecycle. The hollow stems of this toxic plant are deadly for up to 3 years after the plant has died. for more information please read Iran hemlock flower specification .

Hemlock flower specifications

  • Scientific name : Conium maculatum
  • Order : Apiales
  • Family : Apiaceae
  • Genus : Conium
  • Species : C. maculatum
  • Binomial name : Conium maculatum
  • French name : Cigue tacheté e, C. de Socrate, Cigue des officines, Grande cigue
  • English name : Herb Bennett, Hemlock
  • German name : Schierling
  • Italian name : C. maggiore, Cicuta
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