Dried mediterranean sea holly

  • Scientific name : Eryngium bourgatii

    Mediterranean sea holly plant

    Mediterranean sea holly plant

  • Family : Apiaceae
  • Genus : Eryngium
  • Order : Apiales
  • Native : Mediterranean, Europe and Asia
  • Other Names : Blue Sea Holly, Eryngo

Dried mediterranean sea holly : The sea holly plant grows in sandy soils. If you do not remove the flowers of this plant, it will remain until winter.

This plant of the genus Eryngium is a member of the Apiaceae family and can be biennial or perennial. This plant is native to the Mediterranean, Europe and Asia. They have simple or multi-part prickly leaves. The flower is conical and thorny and its color is shiny blue.

Introducing the sea holly plant

The long stems of this plant appear in summer and blue inflorescences are formed on it. The flowers are freshly removed for drying or decorative use. Its flowers are thorny and shiny blue. It has a collar at the bottom of the inflorescence and is very resistant to drought.

The leaves come out of the soil in the form of rosettes and the reproductive stem rises between them to a height of 30 cm and on it a rod-shaped inflorescence with a collar of small leaflets is formed. The color of this plant is blue to silver. The leaves of this plant have a razor blade.

The sea holly plant is one of Iran’s export goods and has provided a great opportunity for Iranian traders to bring a lot of currency to the country by exporting the dried sea holly flower.

Cultivation and propagation of dried sea holly plant ( can be used in decorations and flower arrangements of interior decoration ) due to their unique beauty, have many customers and therefore bring significant benefits to producers.

The export of dried sea holly plant has provided a great opportunity for wholesalers and exporters of dried sea holly plant to make significant profits.

Maintenance conditions of sea holly plant

The sea holly plant grows best in sandy soils. If you do not remove the flowers of this plant, it will remain until winter. This plant needs dry, sandy soils and direct sunlight.

Propagation of the sea holly plant

Due to its sharp thorns, this plant should be carefully separated from the flowers. To propagate this plant, its ripe seeds can be used and also root division can be used along with a part of the plant, but the best way to planting and propagate this plant is to use its seeds. To propagate this plant, seeds should be planting in the open in the fall.

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