Dried echinops flower

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Dried echinops flower

Dried echinops flower : Echinops is a plant of the Asteraceae family and Echinops genus. Echinops is a genus of perennial ( biennial ) plants. This genus has 54 species of prickly perennial herbaceous plants in Iran, which are usually exclusive to Iran.

Echinops is a prickly plant in the form of a thorn with a thick root and a branched stem 80 to 150 cm high, whose flowers are in the form of a thorny blue ball at the end of the stem. This plant has large leaves with split ends, serrated, prickly, delicate and transparent green.

  • Scientific name : Echinops adenocaulos

Species include

  • Echinops adenocaulos
  • Echinops bannaticus
  • Echinops chantavicus
  • Echinops echinatus
  • Echinops exaltatus
  • Echinops giganteus
  • Echinops gmelinii
  • Echinops graecus
  • Echinops humilis
  • Echinops latifolius
  • Echinops longisetus
  • Echinops nivens
  • Echinops niveus
  • Echinops orientalis
  • Echinops ritro (syn. Echinops ruthenicus)
  • Echinops setifer
  • Echinops sphaerocephalus
  • Echinops spinosissimus
  • Echinops tournefortii
  • Echinops tschimganicus
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