Fresh cut daffodil flower (Narcissus pseudonarcissus)

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Fresh cut daffodil flower

Fresh cut daffodil flower : Daffodils is a member of the Amaryllis or asparagus family, which also has families such as Amaryllis , Tuberose , Bush lily and Agave. Daffodils is an evergreen plant that grows through onion planting. This flower is cup-shaped and depending on the species, it reaches a height of about 30-60 cm and occupies a space of 15-30 cm. Daffodil is a delicate plant that blooms in late winter and its yellow or white flowers appear in spring. After the spring and summer seasons and with the arrival of autumn and winter, daffodils gradually falls asleep and will have a remarkable growth and development again after winter.

After flowering, each stem will have 1 to 20 flowers and each will have 6 petals, and this number will vary according to the type of flower. Daffodils is mostly found in Iran in yellow and white, the petals are white and the crown is yellow. These flowers can also be found in two colors or in orange, red and pink. In general, daffodils have different colors due to having different types, each of which has different number of petals and varies from 6 petals in Shiraz daffodils to more than 10 petals in full daffodils.

The bulbs of this flower are brown, pear-shaped and have scaly leaves that are stacked on top of each other. This flower has different species with different colors, each of which has a special appearance, but despite minor differences, they have the same characteristics in general. The main origin of this flower is in Western Europe, from Eastern Spain and Portugal to Germany and England , and in these countries it grows by car. Also this beautiful and meaningful flower in Wales is recognized as the national flower of that country

The natural environment of daffodils is in a wide range of grasslands, grasslands, shrublands, forests, rocky and rocky areas and the origin of rivers and slopes and generally lives in both lowlands and mountainous areas. This plant is more suitable for planting among shrubs, margins, rock gardens, in lawns or pots. The most important producing countries are Britain, the Netherlands and the United States. for more information please read Iran daffodils flower specification .

Daffodil flower specifications

  • Order : Asparagales
  • Family : Amaryllidaceae
  • Subfamily : Amaryllidoideae
  • Tribe : Narcisseae
  • Genus : Narcissus
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fresh cut daffodil flowers Daffodils (Narcissus pseudonarcissus)