Dried gomphrena flower

Iran gomphrena flower

Gomphrena flower

Gomphrena flower with the scientific name of Gomphrena globosa is a variety of beautiful plants with button-shaped flowers and are usually available in purple, pink, red, orange, white and blue. And is from the rooster family. This plant is adapted to hot and humid climates and the best season to plant it is summer, but by adjusting the room temperature, it can be grown in winter as well.

Gomphrena flower is an annual plant and its origin is in tropical regions such as Brazil, Panama and Guatemala.

It’s height reaches about 30-40 cm. The stems are branched and hairy. The leaves are elongated, ovate and hairy. The flowers are in the form of a prominent gomphrena, sometimes individually and sometimes 2 to 3 flowers on a long petal 8-12 cm long that protrudes between two opposite leaves, and each flower plant has a gomphrena It can produce dozens of flowers.

A flower is actually a set of dry scales or brackets stuck together, so that it is considered one of the dried flowers ( Straw flower ) and if it is cut with its stems and hung upside down in a dark place Maintains its natural state and dries

The unique beauty and texture of the gomphrena flower has made it valuable for use in dried flowers or decorations with cut flowers. The appearance of the gomphrena flower is similar to dried flowers, and after touching it, you will notice its delicacy. The flowering period of this plant is long and it flowers from mid-spring to early autumn

In addition to being decorative, gomphrena dried flowers have many uses in traditional medicine. The reasonable price of gomphrena dried flowers has caused the purchase and sale of gomphrena dried flowers for export to bring great profits to the exporters and wholesalers of gomphrena dried flowers

Propagation of gomphrena flowers
Dried gomphrena flower

Dried gomphrena flower

Propagation of this plant is done through seeds. There are two ways to grow seeds

Transplantation : should be transplanted in cold regions. The seeds should be planted in the greenhouse 6 to 8 weeks before the last winter frost and transferred to the open environment in spring

Direct sowing of seeds : In tropical regions, where the weather is warm, seeds can be sown directly in the main environment

All kinds of gomphrena flowers
  • Woodcreek mixed: This type is found in orange, red and pink varieties and is about 45 cm high and is used for drying as a cut flower branch.
  • Buddy series: This type is very compact and is mostly used in gardens.
  • Full series mixed: up to 60 cm high and can be seen in red, pink, white and purple.

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