Cosmos Flower

Cosmos dried Flower

Cosmos flower

The cosmos flower is native to Mexico and Central America. The cosmos flower is an annual and there are perennial varieties and it has a height of 60 to 90 cm.

The flowers of this plant are in different colors of yellow, orange and red, which show a rainbow of colors. Cosmos flowers are able to bloom from spring to the beginning of the cold season.

There is a type of cosmos flower that is hybrid and flowers earlier than other types of cosmos flowers and its flowering continues until frost.

The height of the cosmos flower reaches between 30 and 150 cm depending on its type. The seeds of this plant are sown at the base of the plant every year and turn green on their own, so with one planting of this plant, it is possible to have several years of this plant in the same place.

The plant cosmos is resistant to heat and disasters and is therefore able to grow in times of drought and survive in harsh conditions in urban gardens and wild fields. With sunny areas in every garden, these adaptive plants can be planted in pots or on the ground.

Cosmos dried Flower

Dried cosmos flower

Late winter and early spring are the best times to plant cosmos flowers. Dried cosmos flower, in addition to its decorative and beautiful aspect, has caused it to have many fans in the world.

The reasonable price of cosmos dried flowers has caused the sale and purchase of cosmos dried flowers for export to bring huge profits to the exporters and wholesalers of cosmos dried flowers and traders active in this field.

All kinds of cosmos flowers

There are more than 20 types of cosmos flowers that are annual and perennial species. There are two types of annuals that originally grew in the United States, called Mexican aster and yellow cosmos flower. The yellow cosmos flower is somewhat smaller than the Mexican aster flower.

How to plant a cosmos flower

  • Direct sowing of seeds
  • Cultivation of seedlings

Note :To increase the duration of flowering, it is better to separate the withered flowers from the plant on a regular basis. Also, in the middle of the season, the growth of lateral stems can be stimulated to some extent by shortening the stems that are too tall. These stems also produce flowers and are added to the flowering period of the plant.

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