Dried gomphrena flower

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Dried gomphrena flower

Dried gomphrena flower : Gomphrena flowers with scientific name Gomphrena globosa is a plant of the Amaranthaceae family and Genus Gomphrena. Gomphrena flower is a variety of beautiful plants with button-shaped flowers and are usually available in purple, pink, red, orange, white and blue.

It’s height reaches about 30-40 cm. The stems are branched and hairy. The leaves are elongated, ovate and hairy. The flowers are in the form of a prominent gomphrena, sometimes individually and sometimes 2 to 3 flowers on a long petal 8-12 cm long that protrudes between two opposite leaves, and each flower plant has a gomphrena It can produce dozens of flowers. for more information please read Iran gomphrena flower specification .

Gomphrena flower specifications

  • Scientific name :Gomphrena
  • Order : Caryophyllales
  • Family : Amaranthaceae
  • Genus : Gomphrena
  • Species : G. globosa
  • Native Range : Central America and northern South America
  • Bloom Time : June to frost
  • Bloom Description : White to yellow with bright magenta bracts
  • Sun : Full sun
  • Water : Medium
  • Maintenance : Low
  • Tolerate : Drought, Clay Soil, Dry Soil

Types of gomphrena species

  • Gomphrena agrestis
  • Gomphrena canescens
  • Gomphrena celosioides
  • Gomphrena globosa. Globe amaranth
  • Gomphrena haageana. Strawberry globe amaranth
  • Gomphrena perennis
  • Gomphrena pohlii
  • Gomphrena prostrata
  • Gomphrena pulchella
  • Gomphrena serrata
  • Gomphrena sonorae
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Dried gomphrena flower

dried gomphrena flower