Familiarity with specifications scorpion grasses

Scorpion grasses the plant has more than seventy species of plants. Myosotis sylvatica is the most famous of the species grown as an ornamental plant. It is usually a car and it is easy to identify. This plant is usually a short, biennial plant. The height of the plant is 8-30 cm and its transverse growth is 15 cm.

Iran scorpion grasses

Scorpion grasses flower

The flowers have five blue petals and a central yellow. Today, many varieties of it have been produced and in addition to the blue color of this plant, white and pink are also available.

These flowers are small and the flowers are small with 5 petals, 6-9 mm in diameter, which are in the form of terminal clusters, are often sky blue or bright blue and sometimes light pink or white. The flowers are initially white and muddy and later turn blue.

The flowers bloom on clustered stems and grow as a perennial plant. The flowers of this plant are not fragrant and have an ornamental aspect that are suitable for planting in gardens and pots.

There are many types of this plant and there are more than 50 species in the world. Scorpion grasses the flowers have one-year, two-year and perennial varieties. It has small bushes with many branches.

Scorpion grasses the profile of the flower :

  • Scientific name : A. acurea spp
  • Family : Boragianaceae
  • Order : Mint
  • Botany : Central American origin
  • Native to all of Europe, Siberia and the East.
  • Height : 50 cm
  • Width : 25 cm
  • Flowering time : early to late summer
Iran dried scorpion grasses

dried scorpion grasses

Scorpion grasses flower is a biennial plant, a small shrub with many branches, small dark green leaves, lanceolate, sometimes rectangular or spoon covered with thick hairs.

Leaves on petals without stem, other leaves have relatively short petioles. This plant has different cultivars, some of which are relatively large and fragrant flowers, pink in color, and so on.

Its famous types are :

  • blue balls : Dense plant with blue and bright flowers
  • carmine king : with pink and pink flowers
  • royal blue : with dark blue flowers
  • ultramarine : A very dwarf plant with dark blue flowers.

Dry scorpion grasses flowers , because of the unique beauty that has decorative, resin, and more. Beauty and the right price of dry scorpion grasses flowers that many fans in the world, and buy and sell scorpion grasses flowers to export a lot of benefits and wholesalers.

Scorpion grasses the right time to plant flower seeds

Each plant should be planted at the right time according to its climatic needs. Scorpion grasses the flower is a plant planted in the fall. This flower needs cool and long winters for proper growth.

Therefore, early autumn to mid-season is the best time to plant this plant. So that by planting this plant in autumn, you will see it flowering in summer. It should be noted that this plant likes cool weather. Thus it falls in hot weather and severe frosts; It then sprouts again in cool air.

Scorpion grasses the time of flowering

Its flowering period is one month. Flowering Flowering Don’t forget me starts in mid-spring and continues until the end of the season. In cold weather, the flowers will grow better.

Method of Scorpion grasses flower replication

Scorpion grasses the flower is propagated by sowing seeds and transplant the plant. The seeds are sown in August and sown in the main land in late summer. Shrubs can be divided from the beginning of autumn to the end of October.

Scorpion grasses to usages flowers

Scorpion grasses the flower is used for spring decorations, fringes, hills and gardens, slate in relatively humid places. Another species called m.palastris hern, which is more resistant to moisture and is used to decorate the edges of wet lawns and along streams and streams.

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