Dried scorpion grasses

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Dried scorpion grasses

Dried scorpion grasses : Forget-me-not is valued for its attractive flowers. While the blooms are usually blue, other colors do exist. A bonus feature is that the buds preceding the blooms are pink, so you get two colors for the price of one. A short plant (often just 5 inches at maturity) with a medium growth rate, forget-me-not has hairy stems. The five-petaled flowers grow in cymes with a single flower on a central stem surrounded by additional blooms on branching stems. Although small (3/8 inch), they provide a good color display because they’re numerous. It can grow in the sun or shade, depending on the region. It grows best in a shady spot in southern, warmer climates with high sun.

Technically a short-lived perennial, most treat forget-me-not as a biennial, sowing seed in midsummer and enjoying the blooms the following year. It is easy to care for and requires deadheading if you don’t want it to overgrow in an area. This plant reseeds readily; it is considered invasive in several states. for more information please read Iran scorpion grasses specification .

Scorpion grasses specifications

  • Common Names : Forget-me-not, woodland forget-me-not, ornamental forget-me-not
  • Botanical Name : Myosotis sylvatica
  • Family Name : Boraginaceae
  • Plant Type : Biennial
  • Mature Size : 1 ft. tall and wide
  • Sun Exposure : Full, partial
  • Soil Type : Moist, well-drained
  • Soil pH : Acidic, neutral, alkaline
  • Bloom Time : Spring, summer
  • Flower Color : Blue, white, yellow, pink
  • Hardiness Zones : 3-8 (USDA)
  • Native Area : Europe
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