Okra specifications

  • Scientific name : Hibiscus esculentus L.
  • French name : Bani, Katmic comestible
  • English name : Edible hibiscus – okra
  • German name : Bamia
  • Italian name : Bannia d’Egit to
  • Family : Malvaceae
  • Genus : Abelmoschus
  • Native : South Asia and West Africa
  • This plant is grown in tropical, subtropical and temperate regions around the world.

Dried okra pods : Okra plant is an annual or perennial plant whose leaves are broad and claw-shaped. Each leaf has 7-5 lobes. The flowers are white or yellow, usually reddish-purple in the center. The fruit is a capsule and each capsule contains a large number of white seeds.

Okra is known to have originated in Ethiopia and a region in northern Sudan, and according to archeological findings, it was planted along the Nile River thirteen centuries ago and spread from Africa to the Middle East. The stem of this plant is straight and green with numerous lateral branches and one to two meters high.

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okra plant

The leaves are pale green and asymmetrical. The color of the petals is pale green to red. Petals large and yellow with red seeds at the end of the petals are long and cylindrical with angular incisions. The color of the fruits is usually green. Okra is a tropical plant that grows poorly in cold areas and is less productive. The plant has a straight stem, covered with fibers and a height of 5 /. Up to 1 meter (sometimes 2 meters).

Dried okra pods

Okra plant is one of the export goods of Iran and has provided a great opportunity for Iranian traders to bring a lot of currency to the country by export okra plant. Both types of okra products can be exported either as food or as decorative plants because each has its own customer. The export of dried okra pods has provided a great opportunity for wholesalers and exporters of dried okra pods and other medicinal plants to make significant profits.

One of the most important medicinal plants is okra, which is grown in Iran as a car and can even be cultivated. This plant species has been the basis for the production of various medicines in the world, which is used in combination with other medicinal compounds.

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Dried okra pod

Planting and propagating okra plant

Okra is a product of the hot season and is not resistant to cold and frosty weather. It does not grow well and does not bear good fruit in places where the growing season is short and the nights are relatively cold. So they do not plant it early in the season.

Also, at the end of the season, when the days are short and the nights are cold, the yield decreases. Okra does not tolerate moisture. The best season for planting okra is usually spring and summer. Transplanting is not common in this plant, but it can be grown both as a seedling and directly in the main land.

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Harvesting okra

It takes 4 to 6 days from flower to fruit harvest. Harvest period of this plant usually lasts from June to October.

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