Familiarity with the specialties and export process of daffodils

  • Order: Asparagales
  • Family: Amaryllidaceae
  • Subfamily: Amaryllidoideae
  • Tribe: Narcisseae
  • Genus: Narcissus

Iran daffodils (Narcissus pseudonarcissus) : Daffodils is a member of the Amaryllis or asparagus family, which also has families such as Amaryllis , Tuberose , Bush lily and Agave. Daffodils is an evergreen plant that grows through onion planting. This flower is cup-shaped and depending on the species, it reaches a height of about 30-60 cm and occupies a space of 15-30 cm.

Daffodil is a delicate plant that blooms in late winter and its yellow or white flowers appear in spring. After the spring and summer seasons and with the arrival of autumn and winter, daffodils gradually falls asleep and will have a remarkable growth and development again after winter.

After flowering, each stem will have 1 to 20 flowers and each will have 6 petals, and this number will vary according to the type of flower. Daffodils is mostly found in Iran in yellow and white, the petals are white and the crown is yellow. These flowers can also be found in two colors or in orange, red and pink

In general, daffodils have different colors due to having different types, each of which has different number of petals and varies from 6 petals in Shiraz daffodils to more than 10 petals in full daffodils.

The bulbs of this flower are brown, pear-shaped and have scaly leaves that are stacked on top of each other. This flower has different species with different colors, each of which has a special appearance, but despite minor differences, they have the same characteristics in general.

The main origin of this flower is in Western Europe, from Eastern Spain and Portugal to Germany and England , and in these countries it grows by car. Also this beautiful and meaningful flower in Wales is recognized as the national flower of that country

The natural environment of daffodils is in a wide range of grasslands, grasslands, shrublands, forests, rocky and rocky areas and the origin of rivers and slopes and generally lives in both lowlands and mountainous areas.

This plant is more suitable for planting among shrubs, margins, rock gardens, in lawns or pots. The most important producing countries are Britain, the Netherlands and the United States.

The most important producers of daffodils in the world

The total area of ​​daffodil cultivation in the world is 6,100 hectares with a production of 29 billion branches per year. Britain, the Netherlands, Iran, the United States, Canada, Spain and Portugal are among the world’s producers of daffodils. The total area of ​​daffodil cultivation in Iran is 969 hectares and it is ranked third in the world after England and the Netherlands.

Iran also ranks 4th with 670 million flower branches after the United Kingdom, the Netherlands and the United States. Fars, Khuzestan, Golestan, Mazandaran, Lorestan, Semnan, Alborz, Ilam, Kerman, Tehran and parts of Hamedan and Markazi are among the provinces where daffodils are grown.

Export of daffodils from Iran

Daffodils flower is one of the most popular flowers among people and many people around the world cultivate it. Iran is one of the countries growing daffodils, whose main exports are to the Arab countries of the Persian Gulf and Central Asia. Iraq is one of the buyers of daffodils. For this reason, natural daffodils are exported to Iraq every year

Growing daffodils starts an economic cycle and creates jobs for a large number of people. Meanwhile, Iran daffodil export  to other countries.

In addition to its decorative aspect, Daffodils flower has many usages in traditional medicine and perfume industry. The reasonable price of daffodils has caused the purchase and sale of export daffodils to bring huge profits to exporters and wholesalers of daffodils, and through this, it will also help the country’s economy and currency.

Natural habitats in Iran

There are two types of daffodils. One type has a large crown and is a single flower, and the other type has a small crown and its flowers are clustered. Most Iranian daffodils are of the second category. The most famous type of daffodil in Iran is Shahla daffodil in Kazerun, which is known as Shirazi daffodil.

One of the main provinces for the production of Iranian daffodils is Fars province in  the Jarreh and Baladeh regions of Kazerun , with 500 hectares of cultivated area and production of 300 million branches per year, which ranks first in the country.

Daffodils flower is also found in other parts of the country such as Behbahan, Khuzestan province, Khaf, Fars province and South Khorasan , while in some parts of Iran, the daffodil plant is present by car. In South Khorasan province, especially in Pirhajat village in Tabas city; daffodils is widely cultivated.

Much of daffodil fields in Fars province in the region, “teal”, “Bolbolak ” ” Sar Mashhad”, “Famour” city with an opioid produce several variants. In these daffodils, four types of daffodils have been identified, and Shahla narcissus occupies a larger area of ​​cultivated areas. Other types of feathers include sixty feathers, cat paws, and poor feathers.

Daffodils is famous for its beauty and special scent. In 1992 , he won the first place in the Dutch Flower Festival . But in Iran , due to lack of knowledge and lack of sufficient promotion of this plant and its origin, not enough information has been published and despite all the advantages that narcissus has, so far this flower has a small share of flower tourism.

This bulbous plant with a height between 30 to 45 cm and with 3 to 8 flowers blooms in winter. The flowering period of the narcissus is 45 days, ie from early January to mid-February.

Types of daffodils

Daffodils flowers did not have a specific classification and name until the 19th century, but after that, with the research done on daffodil flowers, they gave a special name to each of them. The most well-known types of this flower are Narges Shirazi and Narges Shahla, which are known for their white and yellow colors. But daffodils are not limited to these colors and the difference between these flowers in different species is due to the birthplace, the shape of the petals and their appearance.

 Trumpet Daffodils
Trumpet daffodils

 Trumpet daffodils

This type of daffodil is one of the most classic flowers. Trumpet daffodil is the best type of daffodil for paving the garden. Each branch contains a large, attractive yellow flower. Their leaves are usually green-gray and about 2-3 cm. If the daffodil flower horn was taller than its petals, it falls into this category

This daffodil is found natively in Spain and Portugal. Today, however, the flower enters other regions and is mainly grown in: France, Italy, Turkey, the former Yugoslavia, and the states of British Columbia, Utah, Illinois, Ohio, and the southeastern United States from Texas to Maryland.

Wild Daffodils has long, slender and similar leaves. In late spring, 5 yellow and white flowers with a very good aroma appear on it. This plant is known as the parent of several varieties that fall into category 7 of the horticultural classification,
Dutch Daffodils or Daffodils jonquilla.

This species of daffodil has been cultivated in France since the 18th century and is known as the strongest species in the daffodil genus. It is extracted from Daffodils oil which is used in making many modern perfumes. In fact, it can be said that the name Junki was first mentioned by the French.

The planting time of these onions is suitable for early autumn to early spring. Onions require a brief cooling period

 Large Cupped Daffodils

This type of daffodil is the most resistant daffodil available and is suitable for almost any purpose. Due to the high resistance of this species, it can be used for special purposes, such as : paving the garden, bouquets, decorating the bride’s car, etc. He also has a great variety of colors: white, all shades of yellow, orange, red and pink. Each branch has a daffodil flower

Large Cupped Daffodils

 Large Cupped Daffodil

 Double Daffodils

Instead of a horn, the center of the daffodil is made up of its own petals, making it a bit like a rose. Each stem of this flower can have about 20 daffodils on it. For this reason, it is very suitable for paving the garden or picking.

Double Daffodils

 Double Daffodils

The full-grown daffodil is a perennial plant with bulbs. The flowers have a large number of petals from which a crown has emerged from the petals.

Daffodils flower of Shiraz is very fragrant and fragrant and the flowers are placed on the stem in the form of inflorescences

This flower is extremely beautiful and does not require much care. The full Daffodils flower is excellent for planting in gardens, orchards, green spaces, pots and creates a very beautiful landscape.

This flower is also very suitable for use in bouquets and cut flower branches. Flowering is usually done in spring and the time of planting onions is in October and November.

 Jonquilla Daffodils

This type of daffodil loves the scorching summer sun. For this reason, it is very suitable for the hot cities of our country. The onion of this flower adapts well to the environment and creates colorful and different daffodils. On each of its delicate green stems, several small fragrant daffodils grow.

Jonquilla Daffodils

Jonquilla Daffodils

 Miniature daffodils

This flower is a combination of different types of small daffodils that grow up to about 15 cm together. This flower is suitable for rock gardens, the distance between the roots of trees and stimulating the growth of garden plants.

If you have a balcony with good sunshade, you can plant this type of daffodil in a suitable pot, but you must protect it from freezing in winter. There are different bulbs for this flower, each of which produces more than two daffodil stems.

Miniature daffodils

Miniature daffodils

 Poeticus Daffodils

These bright flowers have white petals and a narrow red stripe adorns the tip of the middle horn. They have a slightly pungent odor and are one of the most resistant types of daffodils. They are suitable for colder areas and grow well in the garden. They are great for bouquets.

Poeticus Daffodils

Poeticus Daffodils

Small cupped Daffodils

The beautiful color of this daffodil has made her a different and special flower. It has a long life and can continue to flower for many years. They are very suitable for decorating the garden and create a beautiful color combination with other spring flowers. You can also have them in twigs in your pot and bouquet. Each stem of this daffodil grows a flower. The trumpet is shorter than the other petals.

Small cupped daffodils

Small cupped daffodils

 Split corona Daffodils

This daffodil has a strange appearance and is not similar to other types of daffodils. The middle horn has a fissure in the middle and unlike other daffodils that have a closed horn, this horn has an open and free appearance. For this reason, most of them look more like marshmallows than marshmallows. This flower is very stunning and with its beautiful colors, it can give a different look to your garden.

Split corona Daffodils

Split corona daffodils

Tazetta Daffodils

Tazetta Daffodils has a lot of small flowers on each stem. The aroma of this daffodil is sweet and pleasant. They can give you beautiful daisies for many years without reducing the number and quality. Like all types of daffodils, they are suitable for decorating the garden and you can even buy them as branches.

Tazetta daffodils

Tazetta daffodils

Triandrus Daffodils

Each stem of this daffodil has at least two beautiful flowers that are beautifully tied together and look a bit like a fuchsia flower. The outer petals are folded down, giving it a beautiful appearance. Daffodil triple has a pleasant and fruity smell. This flower is very suitable for garden, bouquet and paving.

Triandrus Daffodils

Triandrus daffodils

Narcissus flower season

Narcissus is one of the flowers that has a wonderful aroma. This flower has larger flowers each time it grows. Narcissus has many properties and has been among the flowers that are easy to plant. The daffodil flowering season is the cold season, but since the cold weather has reached autumn, the flowering of this flower can be seen in addition to winter in autumn. Therefore, this flower should be planted in August and September.

Planting daffodils

In order to be able to plant and cultivate this flower, you need to learn how to grow this flower easily and professionally. If you intend to grow daffodils, you should know that the best time to plant seeds and onions is 2-4 weeks before winter and around the end of December .

Narcissus flower has a short growth period and is the best flower for people who do not like to wait. Planted onions, after the winter period, grow and bloom in spring

Properties of daffodils

The fame and popularity of this flower, in addition to its beauty and pleasant smell, is due to its various properties. The most important and well-known properties of this plant are as follows

Special healing properties of daffodils

This flower contains galan substance. That is why it is very useful for Alzheimer’s disease. One of the most important and famous properties of daffodils is the treatment of depression. Consumption of this flower can bring positive energy to depressed people and can also stop the growth of cancer cells with this flower.

Nutritional properties of daffodils

Asthma is a disease that can be treated with a decoction of this flower

Eating daffodils with honey can eliminate any type of stomach worm

Properties of daffodils

This plant is one of the disinfecting plants. The smell and aroma of this flower can disinfect the environment. Nasal congestion and headaches can be relieved just by smelling this flower

Properties of daffodil oil

People with bladder problems can be treated with this flower. It is enough to massage daffodil oil on their bladder and stomach. The oil of this flower can open the closed pores of the skin and bring freshness to your skin


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