Dried miniature rose flower

Miniature rose flower

Miniature rose flower

The miniature rose, or perennial rose, is a perennial rose plant that is smaller than the rose. The Rosaceae family is native to the northern and southwestern Chinese hemispheres of Guizhou, Hubei, and the provinces of Sichuan and Japan, and is commonly known as the Chinese rose. Becomes.

Miniature roses are also known as Chinese roses, Rosa chinensis Minima, Mutabilis, China Rose.

The miniature rose blooms several times a year. It is not easy to identify the different types of this flower, because from the seventeenth century until today, they are constantly changing and transplanting.

Miniature rose is an ornamental and commercial plant that has many applications in landscaping. Therefore, the production of this plant is a very valuable work and it is mainly grown in temperate regions. In addition to planting in garden beds or on the margins, miniature roses can also be grown in pots.

The length of the shrub plant of this plant reaches 1-2 meters. The leaves are shaped, with 3 to 5 leaflets, each 2.5 to 6 cm long and 1 to 3 cm wide.

In wild species such as Rosa chinensis var. spontanea, has five-colored flowers and mostly with pink and red petals and red fruit with a diameter of 1-2 cm. This species is widely cultivated in China as an ornamental plant. Miniature roses in white, yellow, orange, peach, red appear in spring and summer. The best time to plant the plant in suitable soil for roses is spring and early summer because the mentioned seasons do not have temperature fluctuations, which can prevent stress to the plant to a large extent.

Despite its small and delicate appearance, the miniature rose is very hardy. In fact, they are more resistant to the usual types of roses in winter and have a better chance of survival.

Reproduction of miniature roses

Miniature roses are propagated by cuttings. The best time to plant cuttings is after seasonal freezing. Two types of cuttings can be prepared for this method :

  • Green cuttings : After flowering, cuttings can be prepared from green stems without flowers. All leaves should be removed except for a few small end leaves, and it is best to slightly injure the end of the cuttings before planting in the nursery for better rooting.
  • Wood cuttings : These cuttings are prepared after the leaves fall in the fall.

Export of dried miniature rose

Due to the high quality of Iranian flower and plant products, the order and sale of dried flowers and flowers has grown significantly. Miniature roses are also on the list of these orders as a widely used natural flower. Because of the low cost of miniature roses, it has attracted a lot of public attention. This public outcry has boosted the mass production and direct supply of miniature roses.

Dried miniature rose flower

Dried miniature rose flower

Major and high quality products have themselves become the basis for sales and competition in global markets. So that the Iranian rose has achieved its rightful place due to its high potential, especially in neighboring countries. As today, the export of natural roses in all its species is booming.

Active flower and plant productions in Iran produce different types of roses and offer them to the market with the best quality in order to reach the consumer.

The production of these flowers, in addition to meeting domestic needs, has caused exporters to supply miniature roses for export for export to other countries with high quality. In our country, the sale and export of roses , especially to the UAE and other neighboring countries, is mainly done. Because Iran is the fifth largest exporter of flowers in the Middle East and the 17th largest exporter of flowers in the world.

Since roses are widely used in the perfume, pharmaceutical and food industries, it has led to the purchase and sale of miniature roses in bulk and in retail with modern and stylish packaging in domestic and foreign markets.

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