Dried rhaponticum repens

Iran dried rhaponticum repens

Dried rhaponticum repens

Russian knapweed is a perennial, rhaponticum repens  of the Cassian family. The leaves of the lower part of the stem are narrow and elongated and their margins are serrated, but the leaves of the upper part are usually smaller and their shape is large and without teeth, unlike the lower leaves.

The stems are straight and have several branches and the end of the stem ends in an oval inflorescence that is pink or purple in color and there are soft gray hairs on the leaves and stems. The stem is long and branches off from the soil surface and crawls slightly on the soil.

The inflorescence of this plant is compound ( capitol ). rhaponticum repens are ovoid and usually smaller than wheat flower capitols. Each of them consists of several pink flowers, which seem to be similar. Each capitula is covered by hard main and secondary leaflets.

Rhaponticum repens florets, like other plants of this genus, have lower ovaries. Each petal has five petals that join together to form a cup-shaped tube. The navel also consists of five flags that have free rods and are attached to the wall of the flower. Their anthers are joined together and the female cream passes through it. The fruit is achene and consists of a house with a free seed inside.

In addition to its decorative aspect, dried rhaponticum repens flower has many applications in traditional medicine and pharmacy. The reasonable price of dried rhaponticum repens flowers has caused the purchase and sale of dried rhaponticum repens flowers for export to bring huge profits to the exporters and wholesalers of dried rhaponticum repens flowers.

How to propagate the rhaponticum repens plant

Rhaponticum repens turns green in early spring, begins to bloom in May and June ( depending on the altitude of the region ) and continues to bloom during summer and autumn. Each flowering branch produces about 50 to 500 seeds. The seeds live in the soil for 2 to 3 years. Crickets are propagated by creeping roots and seeds. The main method of propagation of this plant is vegetatively and propagation through seeds is of secondary importance

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