Teasel plant

Teasel plant specifications

  • Scientific name : Dipsacus laciniatus
  • French name : Bonnetier sauvage, C. des bois, Cardt rea foulon, common teasel
  • English names : Teazle, Draper’s teasel, Fuller’s teasel
  • German name : Kardendistel, Weberkarde
  • Italian name : Dissaco, Cardo
  • Family : Caprifoliaceae
  • Genus : Dipsacus
  • Native : European region
  • Habitat : This plant grows mostly along roads and railways.

Teasel is a flowering plant. This species is from the genus dipsacus. It is a tall plant with a lifespan of two years and there are about 15 species. In appearance, it is circular in shape with broad beads and two-story domes.

The color of this plant is graphite grey and includes light, full and sometimes dark modes of the spectrum of this color. teasels plant has armored ridges and diagonal horizontal lines and a teardrop appendage in its lower part.

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Teasels plant

This plant has relatively narrow leaves and at the same time serrated and long. It has a straight and hollow stem. This plant is native to parts of Asia and Europe. In most areas it grows as a wild weed. The flowers of this plant appear at the end of the stem.

The closed inflorescence of this plant appears as an aggregate and egg-shaped. It has white flowers and in some cases purple. The flowers of this plant create a beautiful landscape when they bloom. Teasel is a prickly plant so that the stem of that plant is also prickly.

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The thorns of this plant are pointed so that it causes severe pain when in contact with the hand and It has arranged opposite leaves. Each pair of leaves of this plant is attached around the stem. The flowers of this plant are often nutty and fragrant. The height of this plant is between 1 to 3 meters depending on climatic conditions.

Iran dried Teasel plant

Teasel plant is one of the export goods of Iran and has provided a great opportunity for Iranian traders to bring a lot of currency to the country by exporting dried teasel plants . Both types of teasels plant products can be exported either as medicinal plants or as dried flowers because each of them has its own customer.

The export of dried teasels flowers has provided a very good opportunity for wholesalers and exporters of dried teasel plant and other medicinal plants to be able to achieve significant profits.

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Dried teasel plant

Place of growth and flowering time of teasel plant

In most areas it grows as a wild plant. The fragrant flowers of the appear at the end of the stem, the inflorescence of this plant is oval in shape and has white flowers and in some cases purple. Flowering of this plant begins in summer and continues until autumn and the beginning of winter.

  • One of the varieties of Dipsacus fullonum called Var. comosus Ladeb grows in some parts of Kurdistan.
  • Species Dipsacus pilosus L, which grows in different parts of Kurdistan.
  • Species D. laciniatus L, which grows in different areas of Alborz, Amarloo, Ispili ( Gilan ), Azerbaijan, Khorasan, Nahavand, Boroujerd, Chel Khatoon and Ashtran mountains.

Conditions for keeping the teasel plant

This plant tolerates drought and salinity conditions well and since it is a weed, it can be controlled biologically using Leipothrix dipsacivagus mite.

How to propagate and plant teasels plant

This plant is propagated by seeds. For this purpose, after preparing the cultivated land, soak the seeds in lukewarm water for 24 hours to accelerate germination, then cultivate and plant them.

Notice that the soil surface must be kept moist until germination. After a while, the plant germinates and begins to grow. The planting distance of teasels seeds is between 30 and 70 cm. The seeds of this plant are sown at a depth of 0.5 to 2 cm.

Teasel is not sensitive to soil but prefers fertile soils for growth. It also grows in poor soils but decreases in size. Flowering of this plant begins in summer and continues until autumn and the beginning of winter. Teasels needs moderate and little irrigation. This plant needs full sunlight to grow.

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