Dried scabiosa flower

  • Scientific name : Scabiosa Columbaria

    Scabiosa flower

    Scabiosa flower

  • French name : Colombaire, Scabiose colombaire
  • Italian name : Soffione
  • English names : Scabious, Lilac flowered scabious, Small scabious
  • German name : Taubens Grindkraut
  • Family : Caprifoliaceae
  • Genus : Scabiosa
  • Native region : Europe and Asia
  • Other names : Mamsia, Tusk, Mami Tha, Mami Tha Sahara
  • Lifespan : one or more years
  • Propagation : Seeds and division of the plant

Dried scabiosa flower : It is a perennial plant of the caprifoliaceae family, which is native to Europe and Asia. This plant was discovered in 1782 by an Austrian botanist in the Alps.

Scabiosa flower is from scabiosa genus and 25 species of annual and perennial herbaceous plants grow in this genus in Iran. This plant has beautiful blue flowers and has an ornamental aspect and is suitable for use as cut flowers and planting in a variety of pots, planting in gardens, pastures, meadows and rock gardens.

Introducing scabiosa flowers

Scabiosa flower is a perennial plant with medium growth rate that takes between 2 to 5 years to reach its final growth. The height of this plant is between 50 cm to 1 meter and its width is between 10 to 50 cm. This plant has a long stem, the leaves are long and narrow, opposite and without teeth and have a length of 5 to 15 cm.

The flowers of this plant appear on the stem of the plant in summer to autumn, have a diameter of about 4 cm and are blue, purple, pink, amethyst and white. Scabiosa flowers have a sweet aroma.

Dried scabiosa flower

Dried scabiosa flower

Scabiosa flower is perennial herb with leaves that has a relatively simple appearance in the lower part, but since then, it has serrated incisions divided into thin and thin parts.

The flowers are small, bluish in color and complex in the form of a capitol, but after turning the flowers into fruit, it looks round and beautiful.

Scabiosa flower is one of Iran’s export goods and has provided a great opportunity for Iranian traders to bring a lot of currency to the country by exporting dried scabiosa flower.

Both types of scabiosa plant products can be exported either as medicinal plants or as dried flowers because each has its own customer.

The export of dried scabiosa flowers has provided a great opportunity for wholesalers and exporters of dried scabiosa flowers and other medicinal plants to make significant profits.

The place where Scabiosa flowers grow

Scabiosa flowers often grow in dry swamps, sunny mountain slopes and rocky terrain in various parts of Europe. In Iran, in different areas of Alborz, Amarloo, the distance between Kabutrchak and Pakdeh is 1850 meters, Zangoleh Bridge, the heights between Damash and Kherpoo, at altitudes of 1400 meters.

Scabiosa flower storage conditions

  • Soil : Sandy, sandy, loamy, moist and well-drained soil. The soil should be neutral or acidic.
  • Light : Full sun. The best flowering of the plant is when it is exposed to full sun.
  • Temperature : Temperatures between 1 and 28 degrees are suitable for plant growth. Scabiosa flowers should not be exposed to cold or strong winds.
  • Irrigation : should be done on average. This plant is drought resistant and does not die.
  • Pruning : In order to prolong the flowering period, it is better to do it in autumn.

How to reproduce scabiosa flowers

You can use one of the following 3 methods to propagate this plant.

  • Planting seeds : in the fall.
  • Plant division : Spring or summer is suitable.
  • Propagate : to be applied in summer.

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