Dried opium poppy

  • Scientific name: Papaver somniferum L

    dried opium poppy

    Dried opium poppy

  • Genus: papaveraceae
  • French name: P. des jardins, Pavot d’opium, P. pourpre, Pavot somni fè re
  • English name: Opium poppy
  • German name: Opium mohn, Garten mohn, Mohn
  • Italian name: Papavero da oppio, Grand papavero, Papavero somnifer

opium poppy is a piece of fruit skin or a cylindrical or spherical capsule with a raised tail and a crown-like part that is completely umbrella and has a bright yellow color. On it, the razor blade can be seen in parallel and diagonal lines. The inner part of these parts has a large number of parallel blades.

opium poppy is an annual herbaceous plant with a stem height of one to one and a half meters ( its stem is called a band and its fruit is called a mace ) and it blooms from July to August.

Dried opium poppy flower

Dried opium poppy

The opium poppy fruit is a capsule-like substance that exudes a sap-like substance when it is cut.

This herbaceous plant reaches a height of 2 meters. Dusty green leaves, large, beautiful flowers in white to pink, large, capsule-like fruits with a distinct crown at the top are the hallmarks of the plant.

Due to its unique beauty, dried opium poppy flowers have many usages in interior decoration design as well as in traditional medicine and pharmacy.

The beauty and reasonable price of dried opium poppy flowers have caused it to have many fans in the world and the sale and purchase of dried opium poppy flowers for export has brought great profits to opium poppy flower exporters and traders active in this field.

Used opium poppy parts

Eggs, petals, skin and fruits are used medicinally.

The place of growth and distribution of the opium poppy plant

opium poppy is native to Asia Minor and is cultivated in Afghanistan, Turkey, India and China.

Planting and harvesting opium poppies

To propagate opium poppy seeds, it is sown in March or early April, depending on the weather and climate of the place. Harvesting is done in three stages.

First, after the plant and the capsules arrive, they first razor the capsules with razors, that is, they scratch them. The depth of the scratches or grooves is about one millimeter and thus leachate or latex comes out of the surface of the capsules. The second stage is the extraction of the juice, which is hardened and rubbed on the surface of the capsule, and at the end of the third stage, the juice is dried.

One of the most valuable medicinal plants is opium poppy, which can be grown in Iran. This plant species has been the basis for the production of more than 70 types of drugs in the world, which are used in combination with other medicinal compounds.

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