Lagurus specifications

  • English name : bunny tail , Hare’s tail grass
  • Scientific name : Lagurus ovatus
  • Family : Poaceae
  • Tribe : Poeae
  • Subtribe : Aveninae
  • Genus : Lagurus
  • Native : Europe and Africa
  • Habitat : Roadside, sand dunes, farms and gardens
  • Propagation method : by seed

Lagurus or bunny grass is an ornamental annual grass. It has spiky inflorescences reminiscent of the furry cottontails of rabbits. This plant is native Mediterranean also called hare’s tail grass or bunny tail grass . Growing ornamental bunny tail grass from seed is easy.

Bunny grass is a small, clumping grass with soft, ivory to white, oval flowers. They have a soft, touchable texture that is irresistible to both little and big hands. The blades are a soft, green color and 1 to 2 feet (0.5 m.) long. Unlike many ornamental grasses, hare’s tail grass has thin, bendable foliage.

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Lagurus grass

Lagurus grass

Bunny tail plant habitat

This plant is mainly seen in coastal areas. Of course, these areas are not the only lands where they can grow. This plant grows on roadsides and sand dunes. The lagurus grass , also known as the bunny tail, is a weed that can grow easily in gardens.

This plant covers a wide range of European and African countries. So they are easy to find in Algeria, Egypt, Tunisia, Spain, Greece, West Asia, Ukraine and many other countries. To date, this plant is known to be found naturally in most parts of southern and eastern Australia.

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Iran dried lagurus grass

If you want to create a dreamy atmosphere, the use of dried lagurus grasses is highly recommended. These dried grasses, while beautiful, is completely recyclable in nature and will always look beautiful in your space without being destroyed. The reasonable price of dried lagurus grass has made the sale and purchase of dried lagurus grass a great profit for the exporters and wholesalers of dried lagurus grass .

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Dried lagurus grass

Dried lagurus grass

Characteristics of the lagurus grass

  • Seed germination time is a maximum of two weeks.
  • It needs sunlight to live.
  • The width of the plant is not more than 30 cm and its height reaches one meter.
  • The stems and leaves of lagurus grass are silver and the flowers are Beige color. The good thing is that this plant does not change color with the onset of autumn.
  • This plant needs well-drained soil, in full sun and planting in sand.
  • Flowering of lagurus grass usually occurs between May and August.
  • The entire lagurus grass ( bunny tail ) is covered with a kind of hair, and this feature is mostly seen in its
  • leaves, which are arranged alternately along the stems.

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Propagation of lagurus grass

The lagurus grass is propagated by seeds. In autumn, after drying and ripening, the spores are harvested from the spicules. Planting of this plant begins in April in a greenhouse or small pots and then transferred to a permanent place.

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