Dried common wild oat plants

  • Scientific name : Avena fatua
  • Family : POACEAE – Wheatgrass
  • Native region : Europe
 Iran oat plants

Common wild oat

  Oat is an annual, monocotyledonous plant from the wheat family with the scientific name Avena fatua , which reaches

a height of one meter. This inflorescence plant has very open clusters and regular panicles that grow uniformly in all directions

The spikelets are solitary and compressed from the side, and in each of them, 2 to 3 apricot flowers can be seen, usually the end flower is sterile

The inflorescence may have about 250 seeds and their colors vary from black, brown, gray, yellow to white. The base of these spikelets is about 2 cm long

The upper and lower glomeruli are equal to each other and their length reaches 8 mm. The base of the glomeruli is covered with long white or brown hair, and in the middle of it there is a middle vein and near the base of the glomerulus there is a long, knee-shaped apricot, the base of which looks twisted and twisted

The flower of this plant has three flags and the seed remains inside the glomerulus. The apparent structure of oats varies in different areas depending on the type of soil; For example, in low and sandy areas, a few narrow stems branch from each plant. The leaves are short, hard and durable, and the sheath is covered with hairs

Dried oat plants

Dried common wild oat plants

But in fertile and highlands, the plants have only a relatively strong stem; Their leaves are long and their pods are usually hairless

Mostly, wild oats grow and germinate in early to mid-spring . Wet and cool conditions promote optimal growth. Crops that are sown earlier are more susceptible to pests

The use of nitrogen fertilizers in early spring or autumn stimulates germination. The growth of roots and stems of wild oats is slow in the first two weeks, but then increases rapidly. Wild oats give rise to secondary stems during one month

Wild oats usually start flowering in late June , which lasts up to six weeks. The seeds of the main axils of the inflorescence may reach and fall to the ground before filling the seeds in the joint between the leaf and the branch with the stem. When the seeds mature, they are separated and released in early August, generally before harvest

Dried oat plants

Dried common wild oat plants

Dried oat, in addition to its decorative aspect, has many medicinal properties. This has led to many applicants in the world. The reasonable price of oat dried flowers has caused the export and sale of dried oat flowers to benefit the exporters and wholesalers of dried oat flowers

Oat plant propagation

  • Propagation by seed : The mature seeds of wild oats are usually dormant when separated. This latency is eliminated by hot and dry conditions after the seeds ripen. If moisture is present when the dormancy is lost, the seeds will germinate; Otherwise they will be deactivated again.
  • Propagation by growth ( development ) : Wild oats have the ability to reproduce. However, this method is not very common for reproduction. Wild oats can germinate and regrow if the cultivation is incorrect or incomplete. Even if the wild oat plant is severely damaged (defective, cut, parted, etc.) it still has the ability to reproduce vegetatively.

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