Dried scabiosa flower

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Dried scabiosa flower

Dried scabiosa flower : Scabiosa is a flower of the Caprifoliaceae family and Scabiosa genus. Scabiosa flower is from scabiosa genus and 25 species of annual and perennial herbaceous plants grow in this genus in Iran. This plant has beautiful blue flowers and has an ornamental aspect and is suitable for use as cut flowers and planting in a variety of pots, planting in gardens, pastures, meadows and rock gardens.

Some species of Scabiosa are annuals, others perennials. Some are herbaceous plants; others have woody rootstocks. The leaves of most species are somewhat hairy and partly divided into lobes, but a few are smooth and some species have simple leaves.

  • Scientific name : Scabiosa Columbaria
  • French name : Colombaire, Scabiose colombaire
  • Italian name : Soffione
  • English names : Scabious, Lilac flowered scabious, Small scabious
  • German name : Taubens Grindkraut
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