Dried lunaria annua flower

Lunaria annua plant is one of the plants that has been planted from the distant past to the present for various reasons.

Dried lunaria annua flower

Dried lunaria annua flower

In spring, this plant blooms beautiful and eye-catching flowers that have a fragrant scent. At the end of the summer, these flowers turn into oval leaves that are silvery in color and are widely used in sequined dried flowers.

The life of this plant is about two years and in the second year of its life, their branches grow larger. At the beginning of the New Year, the lunaria annua flower, which has many fans, is widely used.

The main birthplace of this type of plant is the British Isles. The lunaria annua plant can grow 60 to 90 cm.

The flowers of this plant, because they grow from purple, pink and a combination of the two, are very impressive at sunset.

After a long time, when the flowers are pods and the pods are dry, their green color is determined and its silver part appears, which looks like a coin.

Due to its unique beauty, dried lunaria annua flower is widely used in interior decoration design.

The beauty and reasonable price of dried lunaria annua flowers have caused it to have many fans in the world, and the sale and purchase of dried lunaria annua flowers has brought great profits to lunaria annua flower exporters and traders active in this field.

Planting lunaria annua flower

With the arrival of spring or the end of summer, it is possible to plant the seeds of the lunaria annua plant. The seeds of this beautiful plant can be buried directly in the ground.

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