Pyracantha plant specifications

  • Scientific name : Pyracantha
  • Order : Rosales
  • Family : Rosaceae
  • Subfamily : Amygdaloideae
  • Tribe : Maleae
  • Subtribe : Malinae
  • Genus : Pyracantha

The pyracantha flower with the scientific name ( pyracantha coccinea ) belongs to the Rosaceae family, an evergreen and thorny shrub with shiny, oval green leaves with smooth margins and cherry-colored fruits.

Its maximum height is about 4 meters. The flowers are white and fragrant and look like clusters on a branch, and the fruits are similar to hawthorn but much smaller and red, yellow and orange.

These shrubs have leaves with serrated margins and many thorns. ( Catnaster is without thorns ) and grow up to 6 meters tall. Pyracantha is a plant that is mainly grown for its privacy and protection, especially in colder regions. It has prickly stems and shiny green leaves. In winter, its white flower clusters are very attractive and bloom on its shoots from the beginning of the plant’s life.

During the fall and winter, the enduring display of clustered fruits and cherries, such as orange or red fiery thorns, brightens the garden and attracts birds, which in turn disperses the plant’s seeds.

Many long-lived items of this plant are available in cool areas. Although often used for privacy and restraint, it can be used as a scaffold. Its height reaches 3 to 5 meters after 5 to 10 years.

The leaves are oval with smooth margins. The flowers are white and fragrant and clustered on a branch that blooms in late spring.

Iran dried pyracantha

Dried pyracantha fruit

Its fruits are orange, red and sometimes yellow, which appear in autumn and winter and make the tree look fiery in these seasons, which is why it is called fiery milk thistle.

Pyracantha belongs to Southeast Asia and Southeast Europe. It is an ancient flower that was transplanted in the 16th century and used by gardeners.

In addition to its ornamental and beautiful aspects, Pyracantha dried flowers also have many applications in traditional medicine. This has made it very popular in the world.

The reasonable price of pyracantha dried flowers has made the sale and purchase of pyracantha dried flowers for export a huge profit for exporters and wholesalers of picracanta dried flowers and traders active in this field.


  • Pyracantha angustifolia. Southwest China
  • Pyracantha atalantioides. Southern China
  • Pyracantha coccinea. Northeastern Spain east to Northern Iran
  • Pyracantha crenatoserrata. Central China
  • Pyracantha crenulata. Himalaya
  • Pyracantha koidzumii. Taiwan
  • Pyracantha rogersiana. Yunnan

How to plant pyracantha plant

Propagation : It is easily propagated by sowing seeds, but the result is variable. In seed method, the plant is different from the mother plant.

Transplant : The most common method of propagation is by transplant. For this purpose, in late summer to early autumn, semi-woody cuttings are prepared and planted in the treasury in a suitable bed, clear and away from direct sunlight, and when the cuttings take root, They are transferred to the main ground or pot in late winter or early spring.

Flowering time of pyracantha plant

  • Flowers : Fiery white thorn blooms appear on shrubs in late spring.
  • Fruit : Colorful cherry fruits in autumn and winter on the shoots of this plant.

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