Iran dried aster flower

aster flower

Aster flower

Aster is a flowering plant in the Asteraceae family of sunflowers and is sometimes called the star flower. Native to the American regions that are now scattered all over the world.

This category of flowers is very beautiful and diverse and has different species with countless colors. Grass aster ( bellis perennis ) is one of the most famous of these species. Aster flowers are small flowers that have different colors.

These beautiful flowers appear from early spring and remain lush until autumn. The main origin of this plant is Europe and East Asia.

This flower is also found wild in Iran in the western parts, especially in Boroujerd, Korand Gharb, Dasht-e Mahi and Sahneh and is planted in most parts of the country.

This flower can be seen a lot in northern Iran. The leaves of this flower are broad and oval and protrude from the collar of the plant. From the middle of the leaves comes a stem that leads to a flower or a flower head.

dried aster flower

Dried aster flower

In the middle of the flowers there is a yellow tube and around it there is white and sometimes pink and red. Aster is short and its height is about 5 to 20 cm.

The best time to plant aster flowers is late winter or early spring or early autumn and the best way to plant this flower is through seeds.

In addition to its decorative and beautiful aspect, dried aster flower has many applications in traditional medicine and pharmaceutical industry. This has made it very popular in the world.

The reasonable price of aster dried flowers has caused the purchase and sale of export dried aster flowers to bring great profits to the exporters and wholesalers of aster dried flowers and traders active in this field.

Types of aster flowers

Aster flowers, like other flowers, have different types in terms of color and shape, but the storage conditions of these flowers are almost the same for its types. The main type of this flower is wood aster and other types of this flower are as follows :

  • African aster

This flower is also known by other names such as osteospermum, African chrysanthemum and colorful aster. So far, 50 models of this type of African aster have been identified, 35 of which are related to Africa and its native regions.

This species is less common in its original location and is cultivated in the United States ( California ) and Australia. African aster is adapted to a variety of climatic conditions. This flower has cream colors, white to pink, purple to red. This flower is drought resistant and its need for irrigation is low.

  • Star aster

Star aster has about 180 species and is native to Asia and Europe. Its flowers bloom in summer and autumn and give a beautiful view of your garden and living space. These flowers have white, pink, purple and lily colors, but purple and lily are more than other colors.

  • Grass aster

This type of aster needs sunlight and can be stored at home, behind the window. But be aware that intense sunlight directly destroys this type. In fact, this type of aster prefers cold to heat, and in snowy cities you can have this type. Grass aster includes tall and plump grass aster and dwarf red and white grass aster.

  • Ostrich aster

This type of aster has very beautiful and large flowers in red, pink, purple, blue, white and milky colors. Its height is about 70 cm and its beauty can be enjoyed as a cut flower branch. The time of planting this type of aster is spring and summer.

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