Deried giant reed

Iran deried giant reed

Deried giant reed

Arundo donax L. is a plant of the reed and wheat family. Perennial plant stem with upright stems ( it is a long and large type of grass and it should not be mistaken for bamboo ). Ghomish is a Turkish word meaning “straw”, which is a perennial plant, growing in all wet places, with a swollen and growing rhizome , with a thick stem without hairs, a large panicle inflorescence, small and small green flowers. Research has shown that it can be used to make pulp.

Flowering of this plant takes place in mid-summer. This plant has a crocodile-like inflorescence, similar to a bunch of bristles, which contains many flowers with a fluffy and puffy appearance due to the presence of soft feathers on the mature seeds.

Each spikelet is 10-18 mm long and contains several flowers. The glomerulus is 5-2.5 mm long and the glomerulus is 7-5 mm long. Lema in the form of a string with soft hairs that end in an awl.

The cluster inflorescence of this weed is initially purple-gray in color, but with maturity in July to August it turns golden-brown with a puffy appearance.

These plants rarely produce viable seeds, so they rely primarily on asexual or vegetative propagation with the help of rhizomes. Straw seeds are produced in a thin and delicate form and dark brown color, which have very different potency. 

This plant prefers fertile and moist soils and shady-sunny places to grow. Can withstand pH 5.5 to 8.3. It is adapted to tropical, subtropical places and warm and temperate regions of the world. The average annual temperature for the growth of this plant can be between 9 degrees Celsius to 28.5 degrees Celsius. This plant can withstand temperatures of minus 5 to minus 10 degrees Celsius.

Global dispersion

Mediterranean areas as far as India, Burma, West Pakistan, North Africa and in many other parts of the world have been introduced and planted.

Geographical dispersions in Iran

In different areas of Gorgan, Mazandaran, Gilan, Khuzestan, Yazd, Fars, Khorasan provinces, it can be seen as a car, but today, due to its use as a windbreak in most provinces, including Kerman, Sistan and Baluchestan, Tehran, Semnan. And Isfahan is seen as planted.

In addition to its decorative aspect, dried flower of giant reed  (in iran Qomish) is widely used in traditional medicine and making various wind instruments. The reasonable price of dried flowers has caused the purchase and sale of dried flowers for export to bring a lot of profit to the exporters and wholesalers of dried giant reed flowers.

Reproduction of quince plant

One of the methods of propagation of this plant is through cultivating its seeds. Seeds usually germinate at 15 ° C for one to three months. Another method of propagation of this plant is plant division.

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