Dried needle grasses

  • Scientific name : Stipa Tenuissima

    Needle grasses or stipa

    Needle grasses or stipa

  • Persian name : Stipata barbata
  • Family : Gramieae
  • Main habitat : USA

Needle grasses or stipa is a plant of the wheat family that is native to parts of Europe, North Africa and also temperate regions of Asia, which likes to grow in temperate climates.

It is a perennial herbaceous plant that grows as a herbaceous, grassy and clustered plant that has a herbaceous stem that reaches a height of about 60 cm, which is thin. It is one of the most important forage plants that has broad, twisted leaves.

This grass is also used as an ornamental grass because of its white and silver leaves, so it is also called silver wings.

It is used as forage in arid areas to regenerate these areas and due to having special roots in arid areas, it grows well and is adapted to soil and environmental conditions. It grows fast and grows quickly and becomes usable.

Needle grasses are a perennial plant with a maximum height of 40 cm. This plant has oval leaves with long linear leaves and light green color. The flowers of stipa are clustered at first with a whitish green color and after a while they change to pale yellow.

There are 19 species of stipa in Iran, of which the species distribution of this plant is not comparable to the rest and covers a large area of ​​the country, especially the slopes and mountain slopes of arid regions.

Due to its unique beauty, Stipa or needle grasses dried flowers are widely used in green space and interior decoration design. The reasonable price of dried needle grasses flowers has caused it to have many fans all over the world, and the purchase and sale of dried needle grasses flowers for export has brought a lot of profits to needle grass exporters and traders active in this field.

Dried needle grasses

Dried needle grasses

Needle grasses breeding conditions

This plant has been mentioned as one of the most important forage grasses suitable for rehabilitating arid areas.

This plant, while having a special root structure, is able to be well established in dry habitats and tolerate dry and fragile conditions in these areas.

Grows in a variety of soils from clay to sandy and acidic to alkaline. Cultivated lands should be well irrigated.

The places where this plant is grown should be completely sunny or with a little shade. The increase of steppe is through seed cultivation.

Flowering time of needle grass plant

Flowering time of this plant in spring is from July to August.

Method of reproduction and propagation

Reproduction method is possible from the following methods

  • By sowing seeds : The time of sowing seeds of this plant is in spring and after the end of winter.
  • Through plant division : Plant division of this plant is done in early spring.

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