Craspedia flower specifications

  • Scientific name : Craspedia globosa
  • Order : Asterales
  • Family : Asteraceae
  • Subfamily : Asteroideae
  • Tribe : Gnaphalieae
  • Genus : Craspedia
  • Propagation method : By sowing fresh seeds in summer
  • Native : Australia and New Zealand
  • Growth and flowering period : 110 to 120 days
  • Crossdia flower growing season : summer season

Craspedia is a member of the Asteraceae family, the genus includes about 23 species.  A perennial plant whose flowers are yellow and golden in the shape of a sphere ( ball-shaped ) with a diameter of 3 cm. This flower is suitable for drying and its color does not change after drying.

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craspedia flower

Its height is 40 to 90 cm. This flower is known in Iran as the golden ball or the solar ball. The leaves of this plant are thin and have a light green belt covered with white hairs. Its flowers are yellow and golden in the shape of a sphere with a diameter of 3 cm, which appear in spring and summer at the end of hairy and hairy stems to a height of 50 to 90 cm and are used as fresh or dry cut branches. Craspedia flower is suitable for drying and its color does not change after drying. This variety is very tolerant of drought and heat and is organic.

Craspedia flower is native to what regions?

This plant is native to Australia and New Zealand and grows in a variety of habitats from sea level to the Southern Alps ( a mountain range along the southern island of New Zealand ).

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List of species

  • Craspedia adenophora
  • Craspedia alba
  • Craspedia alpina
  • Craspedia aurantia
  • Craspedia canens
  • Craspedia coolaminica
  • Craspedia costiniana
  • Craspedia crocata
  • Craspedia glabrata
  • Craspedia glauca
  • Craspedia incana
  • Craspedia jamesii
  • Craspedia lamicola
  • Craspedia lanata
  • Craspedia leucantha
  • Craspedia major
  • Craspedia maxgrayi
  • Craspedia minor
  • Craspedia paludicola
  • Craspedia pilosa
  • Craspedia preminghana
  • Craspedia richea
  • Craspedia robusta
  • Craspedia uniflora
  • Craspedia variabilis

Iran dried craspedia flower

If you want to create a dreamy atmosphere, the use of dried craspedia flower is highly recommended. These dried flowers, while beautiful, is completely recyclable in nature and will always look beautiful in your space without being destroyed.

Both types of craspedia flower products can be exported either as fresh cut flowers or as dried flowers because each has its own customer. The reasonable price of dried craspedia flower has made the sale and purchase of dried craspedia flower a great profit for the exporters and wholesalers of dried craspedia flower .

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dried craspedia flower

Dried craspedia flower

How to keep craspedia flowers

  • Light

Craspedia flowers need a sunny spot to grow better. Remember that indirect light must hit this plant. Direct light burns the plant. You can place this flower on the terrace or behind the window and in front of the light filter.

  • Water

This plant is drought resistant but it is better to water and moisturize regularly. Try not to over-irrigate as it will rot. Low irrigation also causes the plant to wither.

  • Temperature

This flower is resistant to heat and drought and you can keep it in heat. But be careful not to overheat. Also, do not place craspedia flowers next to heating and cooling appliances. Too much cold is not good for this plant and causes the death of flowers. The minimum temperature that this plant can withstand is -15 degrees Celsius.

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  • Soil

Soils are always very effective for plant growth. Use light, well-drained soils. Drainage allows your flower to drain excess water from the pot. Enrich your soil with humus so that your plants can grow significantly. Of course, one of the positive features of humus is its tolerance to heavy soils.

Pot replacement

There is no need to change the pot early in the planting, but it is better to check the pot every once in a while and if it is too small for the plant, change it. Pots can usually last for up to two years, but they will shrink. For fast-growing plants, the pot should be changed every year.

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Propagation of craspedia flowers

Craspedia flowers can be propagated by fresh seeds. Sow the seeds of craspedia flower in summer. The seeds of this plant begin to germinate very quickly. To start germinating sooner, place them in full sun.

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