Dried artichoke flower

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Dried artichoke flower

Dried artichoke flower : Artichoke is a plant of the Asteraceae family and Cynara genus. Artichoke is a perennial plant and has a straight, grooved stem and a height of 20 cm to 1.5 m. In addition to its usage in interior decoration, this plant also has medicinal properties and one of the most valuable medicinal plants is artichoke, which is grown in Iran as a wild flower and can even be cultivated.

Artichoke is a perennial plant and has a straight, grooved stem and a height of 20 cm to 1.5 m, whose original origin was in the Mediterranean region, but today due to cultivation for nutrition and medicinal uses, in Different areas are found. Artichoke has large roots and very large leaves, divided into irregular and toothed pieces. The upper surface of the leaf blade is also green, but the lower surface appears covered with hairs due to its abundant white fibers.

Its capitol is very large and consists of tubular flowers, enclosed in brackets with different appearances ( depending on the different races of the plant ), but these brackets in different races may be round at the end, with a round or pointed appearance, and so on. The non-free zone of its brackets, which attaches to the base of the capitol, is fleshy and has various food reserves.

The thick, fleshy artichoke reed contains beautiful blue or purple-blue flowers and the fruit is clear, dark brown, leading to numerous white strands at the end. It has a pine-like fruit with large, very large roots, divided into irregular, toothed pieces. Artichoke cultivation is done in two ways, one to feed the fleshy part of its brackets and the other to use dried artichoke therapeutic hegel (a form with non-meaty brackets). This plant is known in Iran as its French name, Artichaut. for more information please read Iran Artichoke specification .

Artichoke specifications

  • Scientific name : Cynara scolymus L
  • French name : Artichaut commun, Artichaut
  • German name : Artischoke
  • Italian name : Carcioffo, Artichiocco
  • Native : Southern Europe and the Mediterranean
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