Dried ruscus bunch

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Dried ruscus bunch

Dried ruscus bunch : The Ruscus genus comprises roughly seven different species of flowering plants. The term Ruscus is derived from an old Latin term meaning “prickly plants.” One of the more widely-known varieties, Ruscus aculeatus, is known by the common name Butcher’s broom. Ruscus plants are related to both lilies and asparagus, though they really has very little else in common with those plants. Depending on the species, Ruscus plants have wide-ranging origins including northern Africa, Asia, and Europe.

The bright green leaves and red berries of Ruscus create vibrant color in winter, making it a desirable landscape plant. It grows well in shady wooded areas and adds a bit of color to the woodland garden. Some varieties are rounded and compact, some erect and a bit taller, while others have a spreading habit. for more information please read Iran ruscus specification .

Types of Ruscus

Ruscus comprises a large genus of similar plants; the seven different species in this genus are as follows :

  • Ruscus asculeatus
  • Ruscus colchicus
  • Ruscus hypoglossum
  • Ruscus hypophyllum
  • Ruscus hyrcanus
  • Ruscus microglossus
  • Ruscus streptophyllus
  • John Redmond
  • Christmas Berry
  • Wheeler’s Variety
  • Sparkler
  • Elizabeth Lawrence

Ruscus specifications

  • Scientific name : Ruscus
  • Common Name : Butcher’s broom, horse tongue lily
  • Order : Asparagales
  • Family : Asparagaceae
  • Subfamily : Nolinoideae
  • Genus : Ruscus
  • Species : R. aculeatus
  • Native Areas : Africa, Asia, Europe, Eurasia
  • Height : 2.00 to 3.00 feet
  • Spread : 2.00 to 3.00 feet
  • Bloom Time : April to May
  • Bloom Description : Greenish-white
  • Sun : Part shade to full shade
  • Water : Medium
  • Maintenance : Low
  • Flower : Insignificant
  • Leaf : Evergreen
  • Fruit : Showy
  • Tolerate : Drought, Heavy Shade


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Dried ruscus bunch Dried ruscus bunch Dried ruscus bunch