Dried flowers of asparagus meyeri


Family : Asparagus

Native to region : South and East Africa

asparagus meyeri flower

asparagus meyeri flower

Other names : Protasparagus densiflorus, Sprengeri Fern, Asparagus Fern

The fasparagus meyeri is a very beautiful, attractive and also resistant plant. The asparagus meyeri is a hardy plant and needs little care. The leaves of the asparagus meyeri will remain light green all year round. This plant also has air purifying properties.

This plant has about 300 species that are usually evergreen plants. The growth of the asparagus meyeri plant is low and slow and has a height of about 60 to 90 cm and the plant reaches a width of one to two meters. Asparagus meyeri root is a network of root sprays that have onion tubers from which the stems grow.

The asparagus meyeri plant is very similar in appearance to ferns, but in reality it has nothing to do with ferns and does not belong to this group. Flowering time of asparagus meyeri is in spring and summer . In these seasons, small white or inclined flowers grow small and darken with increasing age of flowers and approaching the time of fall. In autumn, the fruits turn red. The black seeds of this plant are obtained from its red fruits.

Asparagus meyeri flower reproduction

Propagation is possible by separating the tubers in a relatively large mass, or by sowing seeds in spring or early summer.

How to propagate asparagus meyeri plant

  • Propagation of asparagus meyeri plant by seeds :
Dried asparagus meyeri flower

Dried asparagus meyeri flower

Asparagus meyeri flower seeds can be obtained from the same fleshy fruit. After three weeks to a month, the plant begins to germinate. The seeds of the plant can be sown in spring or early summer.

  • Propagation by division of the mother plant :

In this method, pieces of thick plant roots are removed and placed in a new pot, which is the best way to propagate.

Dried flowers asparagus meyeri model for export

Today, many countries have started to produce and propagate flowers using new technologies. People in European countries have high per capita consumption of flowers and plants.

Flowers are used more on religious and social holidays than on ordinary days. Asparagus meyeri flower is one of the examples of plants that has gained a lot of fans in the world and buying and selling asparagus meyeri flower has made a lot of profit for exporters and wholesalers of asparagus meyeri.

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