Dried vaccaria flower

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Dried vaccaria flower

Dried vaccaria flower : Vaccaria flower is a monotypic genus of flowering plants in the family Caryophyllaceae containing the single species Vaccaria hispanica. It is known by several common names including cowherb, cowcockle, cow basil, cow soapwort, and prairie carnation. Its subspecies were previously treated as separate species. It is an annual herb with blue-gray, waxy herbage and pale pink flowers.

Vaccaria is a dicotyledonous and annual plant of the carnation family caryophyllaceae that is propagated by seeds. A herb with vertical stems 50 to 100 cm high that branches off at the apex and ends in a double-sided inflorescence. The leaves of this plant are opposite and without base and petiole and have a wide sheath that surrounds the stem. The leaves are simple, without serrate and notches, and lead to a sharp point. Their surface is smooth, without lint and their color is greenish gray.

The calyx is made up of 5 regular and interconnected sepals without side leaves that form a ring. The calyx has five ridges and leads to 5 serrate, which become large and swollen when the grain arrives. The length of the calyx reaches 10 to 15 mm. The petals are pink, free, regular and longer than the sepals. The base of the petals, like most genus Caryophyllaceae plants, ends in a narrow tip which is 14 to 23 mm long. The androecium of this plant consists of 10 free flags and the ovary is composed of 5 carpels which is placed on a very short base and leads to two styles.

The fruit of the vaccaria flower is a capsule that opens with 4 slits and remains inside the dried calyx and membrane of the flower. The grain is round, small and black and its outer surface looks uneven. The flowers of this plant are short-lived. for more information please read Iran vaccaria flower specification .

Vaccaria flower specifications

  • Scientific name : Vaccaria pyramidata Medic
  • French name : Gypsophile vaccaire, S. des vaches, Saponaric angulcuse, Vaccaire
  • English name : Cow – herb, Cow soapwort
  • German name : Ackerkukhkraut, Kuhkraut
  • Italian name : Mezzettion, Erba perfoliata, Sporiaria pentagona
  • Family : Caryophyllaceae
  • Genus : Vaccaria
  • Order : Caryophyllales
  • Species : V. hispanica
  • Flowering time : late May to August
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