Dried stirlingia flower

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Dried stirlingia flower

Dried stirlingia flower : Stirlingia grows as a shrub or herb arising from a perennial tap root or woody root stock; the herbaceous nature of some species is unique to Stirlingia among the Proteaceae. They grow to heights ranging from 10 centimetres to 1.5 metres. Leaves are soft and leathery, and bifurcated along their length. They occur mostly on lower parts of the stems. Flowers occur in inflorescences that are either heads or very short spikes.

Stirlingia, commonly known as blueboy, is a genus of 7 species in the family Proteaceae, all of which are endemic to Western Australia. Flowers occur in inflorescences that are either heads or very short spikes.

Considering its red and yellow flowers, blue boy may seem to have an unusual name, but it was given because, when the sand surrounding the plant is used to make wall plaster, it turns blue. This shrub enjoys some ornamental use, especially in its native Australia, although only a small percentage of its seeds germinate. for more information please read Iran Stirlingia flower specification .

Stirlingia flower specifications

  • Scientific Name : Stirlingia latifolia
  • Order : Proteales
  • Family : Proteaceae
  • Tribe : Conospermeae
  • Genus : Stirlingia
  • Species : S. latifolia
  • Flowers from : August to October
  • Native : Australia


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