Dried aster flower

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Dried aster flower

Dried aster flower : Aster flower is a flowering plant in the Asteraceae family and is sometimes called the star flower. This flower is native to the American regions that are now scattered all over the world. This category of flowers is very beautiful and diverse and has different species with countless colors. Bellis perennis flower is one of the most famous of these species. Aster flowers are small flowers that have different colors.

These beautiful flowers appear from early spring and remain lush until autumn. The main origin of this plant is Europe and East Asia. This flower is also found wild in Iran in the western parts, especially in Boroujerd, Korand Gharb, Dasht-e Mahi and Sahneh and is planted in most parts of the country. The best time to plant aster flowers is late winter or early spring or early autumn and the best way to plant this flower is through seeds. for more information please read Iran aster flower specification .

Aster flower specifications

  • Scientific name : Leucanthemum
  • Common Names : Asters, New England asters, frost flowers
  • Order : Asterales
  • Family : Asteraceae
  • Subfamily : Asteroideae
  • Tribe : Astereae
  • Subtribe : Asterinae
  • Genus : Aster
  • Native : North America regions

Types of aster flowers

  • Aster ageratoides – rough-surface aster
  • Aster alpinus – alpine aster
  • Aster altaicus
  • Aster amellus – European Michaelmas daisy, Italian aster
  • Aster arenarius – beach-sand aster
  • Aster bellidiastrum
  • Aster fastigiatus – highly-branch aster
  • Aster glehnii – Ulleungdo aster
  • Aster hayatae – Korean montane aster
  • Aster hispidus
  • Aster iinumae – perennial false aster
  • Aster incisus – incised-leaf aster
  • Aster lautureanus – connected aster, mountain aster
  • Aster maackii – Maack’s aster
  • Aster magnus – magnus aster
  • Aster neoelegans
  • Aster quitensis
  • Aster spathulifolius – seashore spatulate aster
  • Aster tataricus – Tatarian aster, Tatarinow’s aster
  • Aster tonglingensis
  • Aster tongolensis
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