Dried mallow flower

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Dried mallow flower

Dried mallow flower : Malva alcea, known as vervain mallow or hollyhock mallow, is a low-maintenance perennial flower that adds a splash of bright color to any garden. It is a clump-forming plant with palm-shaped leaves with five to seven lobes. Pink saucer-shaped flowers that look similar to hollyhock blooms appear in early summer through fall. Though short-lived (three to four years) hollyhock mallow does self-sow readily in the right conditions, so new volunteer plants crop up year after year. Hollyhock mallow grows quickly, producing flowers in the first summer season after seeds are planted in the early spring or previous fall. for more information please read Iran mallow flower specification .

Mallow flower specifications

    • Scientific name : Malva Sylvestris
    • Order : Malvale
    • Family : Malvaceae
    • Subfamily : Malvoideae
    • Tribe : Malveae
    • Genus : Malva
    • Native : Western Europe
    • Other Name : Cheeseweed, Round Dock

    Types of Hollyhock Mallow

    By far the most popular variety of this plant is Malva alcea var. fastigiata sometimes known simply as “mallow” or “fastigiate hollyhock mallow.” It is a narrower, neater plant than the pure species, with larger saucer-shaped pink flowers.

    Similar Species

    There are also other types of Malva species that are sometimes confused with M. alcea. For example:

    • Malva sylvestris, including the popular “Zebrina’ cultivar, is a very similar plant to M. alcea, but its soft pink flowers are marked with striking purple veins.
    • Malva moschata (musk mallow) is very close to M. alcea, but it is suitable for colder climates. Be careful about cultivating this species, as it is regarded as invasive in some regions. It is a shorter-lived plant, often considered biennial.
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