Dried palm leaves

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Dried palm leaves

Dried palm leaves : Palm is a plant of the Palmae family and Aracaceae genus. From the palm family, two cultivars, Washington and Latania, are known as fan palms.

  • English name : Washingtonia filifera palm
  • Scientific name : washingtonia robusta

Types of palms

  • Cabbage palm / Sabbal palmetto
  • Dwarf palmetto / sabal miner
  • Date palm / phoenix dactylifera
  • Chinese fan palm / livistona chinensis
  • Fan palm / Chamaerops humilis
  • Jelly or pindo palm ( butia capitata )
  • Windmill palm / Trachycarpus fortunei
  • Needle palm / Rhapidophyllum hystrix
  • Sago palm / Cycas revoluta
  • Saw palmetto / Serenoa repens
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Dried palm leaves

Dried phalaris flower

Dried fan palm leaf