Dried Eucalyptus leaves

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 Dried Eucalyptus leaves

 Dried Eucalyptus leaves : Eucalyptus is a genus of more than 700 species of plants belonging to the myrtle family (Myrtaceae). Eucalyptus plants are fast-growing evergreen trees and shrubs. Eucalyptus trees can reach heights of up to 300 feet. Their bark is smooth to the touch and peels away easily. They are considered gum trees due to the sap excreted when the bark is broken. The most common variety of eucalyptus tree is called blue gum ( Eucalyptus globulus ), which gets its name from its blue-green foliage.

Eucalyptus shrubs have a maximum height of about 30 feet tall. The shape and color of eucalyptus leaves varies greatly between species. The most common varieties have glossy green, oval-shaped leaves that narrow to a point. Some less mature varieties will have rounder leaves that are a dusty green color. dried Eucalyptus leaves

for more information please read Iran Eucalyptus specification .

3 Types of Eucalyptus Plants to Grow Indoors

Some eucalyptus plants are suitable for indoor growing.

  • Cider gum : Compact varieties of cider gum (Eucalyptus gunnii) like the ‘Silver Drop’ cultivar do well as indoor plants and can grow up to three feet tall and one and a half feet wide.
  • Silver dollar : Silver dollar eucalyptus plants (Eucalyptus cinerea) have blue-green, coin-shaped leaves that make for a perfect addition to a cut-flower arrangement. Prune them regularly to manage their size during the growing season (the spring and summer months).
  • Alpine cider gum : Alpine cider gum shrubs (Eucalyptus archeri) have blue-green, elongated, oval-shaped leaves.

Eucalyptus plant specifications

  • Common Name : Eucalyptus, silver dollar tree, argyle apple
  • Order : Myrtales
  • Family : Myrtaceae
  • Subfamily : Myrtoideae
  • Tribe : Eucalypteae
  • Genus : Eucalyptus
  • Sun Exposure : Full
  • Soil Type : Well-drained
  • Bloom Time : Summer
  • Native Area : Australia, Malaysia and the Philippines

dried Eucalyptus leaves

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dried Eucalyptus leaves


dried Eucalyptus leaves