Dried damask rose flower

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Dried damask rose flower

Dried damask rose flower : Damask rose flower is the name of a type of rose from which roses are made. This species of rose has a high resistance to water shortage and grows well in large cities. Damask rose flower is a shrub with thorny flowering branches, cylindrical, without grooves and with compound combed leaves that have 3-5 cross-toothed petals.

The flowers are renowned for their fine fragrance, and are commercially harvested for rose oil (either “rose otto” or “rose absolute”) used in perfumery and to make rose water and “rose concrete”. The flower petals are also edible. They may be used to flavor food, as a garnish, as an herbal tea, and preserved in sugar as gulkand. The flowers are bright pink with 32 identical pink petals that begin to appear in the early morning. There are 5 sepals, at least three of which have large appendages at the edges. There are 100 yellow flags in the flower arrangement.

The fruit, after the petals fall, is a round or ovoid flesh 1.5 cm long, which are located inside the jar-shaped protrusion under the petals. Damask rose flower has a color range from light and medium pink to light red. This flower is native to the central mountains of Iran and Alborz. Damask rose flower has been cultivated in Iran for a long time, but since its extract and rose went to Europe from Damascus, Europeans called it the Rose of Damascus.

Damask rose flower is from the genus Rosacea and its consumable part is its dried or fresh flower and bud. Damask rose flower is called fragrant gold and the reason for this name is that it is the raw material of perfume making in perfume factories all over the world. It is also referred to as liquid gold because a kilo of it is worth $ 20 million. There are mainly damask rose flower farms in 14 provinces of the country, and the highest area under damask rose flower cultivation in the country is in Fars, Isfahan, Markazi, Qom, Semnan, Kerman and East Azarbaijan provinces, respectively. for more information please read Iran damask rose flower specification .

Damask rose flower specifications

  • Scientific name : Rosa damascena
  • Order : Rosales
  • Family : Rosaceae
  • Genus : Rosa
  • Species : R. damascena
  • English names : tag-tsi meto, Persian rose, monthly rose, damask rose, York and loncoster rose
  • German name : Roos, Damaszenerrose
  • Native to the region : Mostly in Asia, with species in Europe, North America and Northwest Africa
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