Dried rose bud flower

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Dried rose bud flower

Dried rose bud flower : The rose belongs to the Rosaceae family. These plants are found in most parts of the world and differ in terms of how the plant grows and forms and produces flowers. Trading and selling rose buds has become a lucrative business. Consumption of this flower is in the form of tea, flower oil, rose essential oil.

In the world, roses are by far the most popular type of flowering shrubs. The Rosa genus includes more than 300 species of woody flowering perennials, encompassing several thousand varieties cultivated over centuries. While there are native roses found in nearly every continent, most varieties grown in landscapes are multi-generational hybrid cultivars for which the original species ancestors have long since been forgotten. When you buy a modern rose variety, it is almost always sold by a unique cultivar name rather than by a species name.

The characteristics of a particular rose variety can only be fully understood by considering the rose class in which it falls. There are many ways to classify roses, but the most common is the system now used by the American Rose Society, which uses the following categories. Here is the ultimate guide to exploring each one. for more information please read Iran rose bud flower specification .

Rose bud flower specifications

  • Scientific name : Rosa
  • Order : Rosales
  • Family : Rosaceae
  • Subfamily : Rosoideae
  • Tribe : Roseae
  • Genus : Rosa


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Dried rose bud flower


Dried rose bud flower