Dried bongardia flower

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Dried bongardia flower

Dried bongardia flower : The bongardia plant with the scientific name of Bongardia chrysogonum belongs to the berberidaceae family. The plant is named after the German botanist Bongard. This plant is usually found on rocky and mountain slopes. Bongardia is a perennial, herbaceous, hairless plant. The stem of this deciduous plant is relatively thick one to two centimeters at the base and deep in the soil with very large tubular organs. The flowers of this yellow plant are grouped in compound clusters ( clusters in clusters ).

The bowl has no scales or brackets, the petals at the bottom consist of a circular hollow scales with a straight base. The bracket is long and much shorter than the peduncle, the capsule is two to three centimeters in size. Bongardia plant is about 30 to 50 cm high. The flowers of this plant are yellow and have spherical and red fruits that are very attractive. Bongardia plant can be found ( in Iran ) in the west of zagros in Kurdistan, Kuhdasht, Arjan plain, Chamanbid, spa between Shiraz and Fasa, between Malayer and Arak and in Mo Darreh and in Kermanshah province in Harsin, Songhor, Kermanshah, Mahidasht and West Kurdistan It can be harvested.

The sour leaves of bongardia can be used raw. The flowering season of this plant is from mid-February to early spring, and can be harvested at the beginning of spring. Bongardia plant is the endangered plants in Iran, which is used by profiteers as an ornamental plant in florists, decoration centers and flower markets. for more information please read Iran bongardia flower specification .

Bongardia flower specifications

  • English name : Golden rod, Bongardie
  • Scientific name : Bongardia chrysogonum
  • Family : Berberidaceae
  • Genus : Bongardia
  • Reproduction : Sexual and asexual
  • Flowering time : early to mid-spring
  • Growing areas : This plant has only one species that grows only in a small area in the world from North Africa, parts of Europe, the Middle East to the Far East, Pakistan and…
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