Dried wheat cluster

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Dried wheat cluster

Dried wheat cluster : The wheat plant belongs to the family Poaceae and belongs to the genus Tiriticum. This plant is available in both wild and domestic species and is considered a monocoty ledonous flowering plant. Wheat has elongated and narrow leaves with an average length of 15-20 cm. Wheat is an annual plant, its roots are fibrous and its stems are hollow cylinders, each stem leading to a cluster of flower spikes that form a wheat cluster after the flowers emerge and inoculate.

Wheat cultivation was common in Syria and Palestine to the north, along southern Anatolia. It then reached Palestine from Egypt, and from northern Mesopotamia to Iran. Bread wheat was first formed in Iran and traveled from Iran to India, Turkmenistan, Russia and China, as well as southern Russia. Wheat cultivation in Iran, regardless of the type of growth of cultivars and its different varieties (winter, spring and intermediate) is generally done in autumn . Wheat harvest time in Iran begins in early spring (in tropical regions) and continues until late summer (in cold regions). for more information please read Iran wheat specification .

Wheat specifications

  • Scientific name : Triticum
  • Order : Poales
  • Family : Poaceae
  • Subfamily : Pooideae
  • Supertribe : Triticodae
  • Tribe : Triticeae
  • Genus : Triticum

Wheat species

  • T. aestivum
  • T. aethiopicum
  • T. araraticum
  • T. boeoticum
  • T. carthlicum
  • T. compactum
  • T. dicoccoides
  • T. dicoccon
  • T. durum
  • T. ispahanicum
  • T. karamyschevii
  • T. macha
  • T. militinae
  • T. monococcum
  • T. polonicum
  • T. spelta
  • T. sphaerococcum
  • T. timopheevii
  • T. turanicum
  • T. turgidum
  • T. urartu
  • T. vavilovii
  • T. zhukovsky
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Dried wheat cluster Dried wheat cluster Dried wheat cluster