Do you want to sell your goods in the Iranian market and export to Iran? If you are active in the field of flowers, plants and agricultural products, in this section we have provided the necessary information for export to Iran.

The distribution of flowers and plants in Iran is mainly done in Tehran flower market, which is known as Imam Reza flower market. Flower roses and various plants are sent to this market and their buying and selling starts at night and is sent all over Iran early in the morning.
Most manufacturers, distributors, importers and sales agents are present in this market. A variety of seeds, pots, agricultural products, ornamental flowers, apartment flowers and flower arrangements and agricultural products are sold in this market.
The price of flowers has increased significantly on the following occasions due to increased demand.
Nowruz celebration / New Year celebration
Mother’s Day
The sale of flowers, plants and all kinds of related goods in Iran is done traditionally and in person.

Other major cities in Iran such as Isfahan, Mashhad, Shiraz and Tabriz also have their own flower markets, but most of their flowers are supplied from the Tehran market. Therefore, the main distributors and wholesalers of the Iranian flower market are located in the central location of the flower market.
Export to Iran
Iran has a large market. According to available statistics, about 40 to 60 million dollars are exported annually from Iran for the export of flowers and decorative plants.
The domestic market turnover of flowers and ornamental plants is $ 600 million annually.
Due to the existing laws in the country, the import of ornamental flowers to Iran is currently prohibited, but the import of seeds, fertilizers, equipment, etc. is allowed. The customs tariff for seeds and fertilizers is low, but the customs equipment is a bit high.
For information on export-related laws to Iran, you can read the following article:

The customs tariff for importing all kinds of goods to Iran is presented in the following file.
It should be noted that given that customs laws and tariffs may change during the year, it is better to always interact with your business partner to inquire about the latest laws and regulations and inquire about the latest status of exports to Iran.

Finding a customer in Iran and a company importing flowers and plants in Iran

There are several ways to find a customer in Iran:
Attending flower and plant exhibitions in Iran
Face-to-face marketing in the Iranian flower and plant market
Internet marketing (many importing companies have a site in Persian and also Instagram activity is very common in Iran)

If you want to enter the Iranian market and export to Iran, our partners in our family products are ready to provide advice and information. Also, if you want to market your product in Iran, contact us.

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