Dried phalaris grass

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Dried phalaris grass

Dried phalaris grass : Phalaris is annual plant with the scientific name Phalaris minor RETZ belongs to the gramineae family. This plant has the potential to become an invasive plant. There are currently four species in Iran that often grow as weeds in agricultural lands.

Phalaris is annual or perennial plant, with creeping and thick rhizome with flat petiole, linear, pointed, dimensions 1-5 / 1 × 35 cm, without hairs or in two levels and margin and rough tip of small and green flowers, integrated in the terminal panicle Composed of oval spikelets with dimensions of 1-3 × 20 cm, more or less discontinuous, oval, spikelets 5-6.5 mm long, green or purple-green, folders the same height as the spikelets, have Three-striped, round and non-finned.

dorsal surface, sterile outer sheath, broad bayonet, 1-1.5 mm long, slightly hairy, inner sheath in upper flower 3-4 mm long, covered with dense hairs or sometimes without cracks. for more information please read Iran phalaris grasses specification .

Phalaris specifications

  • Scientific name : Phalaris aquatica
  • English name : little seed canary grass, small-seeded canary grass, small canary grass, lesser-canary grass, guli danda (Hindi), and sittee booti
  • Latin name : Phalaris arundinacea var. variegata
  • Family : Gramineae
  • Genus : Phalaris
  • Height : 180 cm
  • Lifespan : one year
  • Native : Europe and South Asia and North Africa
  • Light requirement : Sunny – partial shade
  • Water requirement : Medium
  • Ecological resistances : heat resistant
  • Suitable soil : Wet soils
  • Usage in green space : Planting on sloping surfaces, rock gardens and parks

These four species phalaris are :

  •  Phalaris amethystina Trin.
  • Phalaris angusta – timothy canarygrass
  • Phalaris aquatica – bulbous canarygrass, Harding grass, Hardinggrass (syn. Phalaris tuberosa)
  • Phalaris arundinacea – reed canary grass, reed canarygrass
  • Phalaris brachystachys – shortspike canarygrass
  • Phalaris californica – California canarygrass
  • Phalaris canariensis – annual canarygrass, common canary grass, common canarygrass
  • Phalaris caroliniana – Carolina canarygrass, maygrass, see Eastern Agricultural Complex
  • Phalaris coerulescens – sunolgrass
  • Phalaris commutata
  • Phalaris elongata Braun-Blanq.
  • Phalaris lemmonii – Lemmon’s canarygrass
  • Phalaris minor – canarygrass, littleseed canarygrass
  • Phalaris paradoxa – hood canarygrass
  • Phalaris platensis Henrard ex Wacht.
  • Phalaris truncata Guss. ex Bertol


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    Dried phalaris grasses

    Dried phalaris grasses Dried phalaris grasses