Dried nigella pods

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Dried nigella pods

Dried nigella pods : Nigella is a flower of the Ranunculaceae family and Nigella genus. The height of nigella flower reaches 38 to 50 cm. nigella flowers are planted in combination with other annual flowers in the margins and this flower is used to decorate the margins. The color of these pods changes with the age of the plant, so that at first they are milky in color. They turn green and then red.

Nigella flowers have pods that enhance the beauty of the flower. This flower is very suitable for making bouquets. To prepare a bouquet, it is enough to put a few different branches of this flower together and then you will have a very beautiful bouquet.

  • Scientific name : Nigella sativa L
  • English name : Nigella damascena, love-in-a-mist, devil in the bush
  • French name : Nielle du Levant, Toute épice, Cuminnoir, Nigelle des jardins
  • German name : Echter Schwarz, Schwarzer coriander, Echter Schwarzkümmel
  • Italian names : Gittaione, Nigella, Melanzio domestico, Erba spezie
  • Hindi name : Klonji
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Dried nigella flower