Dried nigella pods

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Dried nigella pods

Dried nigella pods : Nigella flower is a plant of the genus nigella, covered with fine hairs or completely hairless. Its leaves are divided into narrow, thread-like parts. The nigella flowers are solitary and the leaflets below are large flowers that are milky in color with a greenish or bluish side. Its seeds are dark in color, triangular and have a special smell.

This plant has white and purple flowers with fern-shaped leaves consisting of leaflets, which surround the flower in such a way that an aura can be seen around it. The flowers are white, blue and pink and there is a pod around it. The height of nigella flower reaches 38 to 50 cm. nigella flowers are planted in combination with other annual flowers in the margins and this flower is used to decorate the margins. The color of these pods changes with the age of the plant, so that at first they are milky in color. They turn green and then red.

Nigella is sometimes wild flower and sometimes agricultural. Nigella is an annual herbaceous plant. Wild nigella is also an annual herbaceous plant, very short and its leaves are similar to cultivated nigella, with narrow divisions. The best time to plant this plant is late spring or early summer. Warm and humid climate is one of the needs of this plant for growing in an apartment space. The room temperature should be set so that it does not be more 25 degrees Celsius and the minimum temperature that nigella can tolerate is 10 degrees Celsius. for more information please read Iran nigella specification .

Nigella flower specifications

  • Scientific name : Nigella sativa L
  • Order : Ranunculales
  • Family : Ranunculaceae
  • Genus : Nigella
  • French name : Nielle du Levant, Toute épice, Cuminnoir, Nigelle des jardins
  • German name : Echter Schwarz, Schwarzer coriander, Echter Schwarzkümmel
  • Italian names : Gittaione, Nigella, Melanzio domestico, Erba spezie
  • Other name : Love in a mist, Miss Jekyll, Jack in the green, Devil in the Bush, Jack in Prison, Love Entangle, Bride in hair, Love in a Puzzle, Love in a Snarl
  • Native : Eastern Europe

Types of nigella flower

Several N. damascena cultivars have been developed for gardens throughout temperate areas. Common cultivars include :

  • Miss Jekyll : a popular and common variety with flowers in shades of white, blue, and rose
  • Miss Jekyll Alba : a double, white-flowered cultivar with bright green seed pods
  • Persian Jewels : a mixture of purple, pink, lavender, blue, rose, and white shades that grows 12 to 18 inches tall
  • Blue Midget : a dwarf variety that grows to only about ten inches tall; suitable for edging
  • Cambridge Blue : a long-stemmed variety with double blue flowers and best for cutting

Other cultivars worth looking into include ‘Mulberry Rose’, ‘Oxford Blue’, and ‘Albion’.

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Dried nigella flower