Dried blue eryngo

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Dried blue eryngo

Dried blue eryngo : Blue eryngo plant is a flowering plant of the Apiaceae family. This plant is native to Central and Southeastern Europe and Central Asia. Blue eryngo is a perennial herbaceous plant that is about 50 cm tall and has blue-silver stems and a large number of blue and conical flowers with brackets that appear in winter.

This plant grows on the sidewalks, rock gardens, beaches and so on. It also prefers well-irrigated soils and sunny places. Although it prefers light sandy soils, it is tolerant of most soils. It is also tolerant of soil drought. This plant is resistant to minus 25 degrees Celsius. In addition to its usage in interior decoration, this plant also has medicinal properties and one of the most valuable medicinal plants is blue eryngo, which is grown in Iran as a wild flower and can even be cultivated. for more information please read Iran blue eryngo specification .

Blue eryngo plant specifications

  • Scientific name : Eryngium planum
  • Family : APIACEAE
  • Tribe : Saniculeae
  • Genus : Eryngium
  • Native region : Europe and Asia
  • Other names : flat sea holly
  • Height : 1 – 1,20 m
  • Spread : 0,50 m
  • Plant type : Perennial
  • Exposure : Full Sun, Partial Sun
  • Growth rate : Medium
  • Soil PH : Neutral, Alkaline
  • Soil type : Clay, Loam, Sand, Well Drained
  • Water requirements : Drought Tolerant, Average Water
  • Landscape uses : Cutflower, Dried Flower/Everlasting, Mixed Border, Rock Garden / Wall, Wildflower
  • Bloom season : Summer, Late Summer, Early Fall
  • Leaf / Flower color : Green, Dark Green, Gray / Light Blue, Gray Green, Silver
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