Dried barley grass

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Dried barley grass

Dried barley grass : Barley grass is a herbaceous, annual, static plant, 10 to 50 cm high, which is propagated by seeds. The stem is 2 to 3 cm in diameter, without hairs, has few branches and its color is darker at the nodes of the stem. The leaves are slender, pointed, sparsely covered with white hairs or completely without hairs. The leaf blade is flat or folded, fifteen centimeters long and 2.5 to 7 millimeters wide, and at the base has an aryl or earlobe.

Spike flowers and spikes are dense, ovate to rectangular in shape, 3 to 7 cm long and 6 to 10 mm wide. The central spikelets and lateral spikelets have lanceolate margins and the central spikelets have peduncles. The spikelets are triangular, the lateral spikelets are short-stemmed, the gloom is narrow in the central spikelets and bayonets, and in the lateral spikelets they become narrower over time. for more information please read Iran barley grass specification .

  • Scientific name : Hordeum glaucum steud, Syn. H.murinum L

  • English name : Brome chess, Wheat grass
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