Dried Amaranth flowers

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Dried Amaranth flowers

Dried Amaranth flowers : The Amaranthus genus is a complicated one featuring at least 75 annual and short-lived perennial species that easily cross-breed and hybridize. Today, most gardeners are familiar with the species as annual ornamental plants and many don’t realize that amaranths are also edible plants that can be grown for their grain-like seeds and edible leaves. Culinary use was once the primary reason amaranth was grown as a staple in home cottage gardens. The use of amaranth as an ornamental plant is a relatively recent development in the plant’s history.

Amaranth are characterized by large, broad leaves with prominent veining. Each plant produces a single flower at the end of the tall reddish stem. Colors are usually burgundy, red, pink, or salmon. Dried Amaranth flowers

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Types of Amaranth

Varieties of amaranth can range from giants topping eight feet tall, to smaller one- to two-foot plants better suited for leaf harvest. You should cultivate larger plants specifically grown for their seeds if you want to harvest the amaranth grain.

Some popular varieties include :

  • Red-leaf amaranth ( Amaranthus tricolor ) : This variety has especially nutritious foliage that tastes like slightly tangy spinach. ‘Molten Fire’ and ‘Joseph’s Coat’ are popular cultivars of this species.
  • ‘ Burgundy ’  (A. hypochondriacus ) : Stunning purple leaves, red flowers, and white seeds adorn this variety.
  • ‘ Hopi Red Dye ’ ( A. cruentus ) : An heirloom species, it produces excellent protein-rich black seeds.

Amaranth flowers specifications

  • Scientific name : Amaranthus
  • Common Names : Amaranth, amaranthus, love lies bleeding, tassel flower
  • Order : Caryophyllales
  • Family : Amaranthaceae
  • Subfamily : Amaranthoideae
  • Genus : Amaranthus
  • Plant Type : Annual
  • Mature Size : 2–4 ft. tall, 1-2 ft. wide
  • Sun Exposure : Full sun to partial shade
  • Soil Type : Moist but well-drained
  • Bloom Time : Summer, fall, winter
  • Flower Color : Red
  • Native Area : India, Africa and Peru

Dried Amaranth flowers

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