Familiarity with the specifications and exporting of red willow tree

Iran Red Willow : The red willow tree is known in Latin as the Red Willow Tree and scientifically as Salix purpurea ( Salix laevigata )As its name suggests, this tree belongs to the willow family and is a type of willow tree.

Red willow is a small tree that grows around ponds, especially in humid climates. The red willow tree has long, slender leaves with a light green color.

The bark of the tree is reddish-brown and has a rough texture. According to the US Department of Agriculture, red willow trees are found in areas 5 to 10 and are native to the coasts of California, Arizona and southwestern Utah.

The red willow tree is a small tree that grows near wetlands and lakes; This tree grows in areas with moist soils.

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Growth status of red willow tree

The growth of this tree depends on the conditions. The red willow tree can grow from 3 to 9 meters in height. Numerous foliage of the tree grows from the main trunk. The width of this tree usually widens as the tree grows taller and can be between 3 and 13 meters.

The main roots of this tree are always looking for a source of water and may damage the pipes buried in the ground. The roots of this tree may be high enough to cover sidewalks near the tree.

This tree grows in different types of soil. You can plant red willow tree in heavy soil, clay or loam. This tree can tolerate high soil pH and grows in semi-acidic and alkaline soils.

The best places for this tree are the areas that have moist soils and always stay moist throughout the year. This tree needs full sunlight during the day and does not grow well in the shade.

This tree can withstand up to -15 degrees and needs moderate irrigation. The fruit of this tree is in the form of capsules. Red willow flowers are small and are between 1.5 and 4.5 cm. If the red willow tree is exposed to high drought conditions, it will weaken and its leaves will fall off.

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Countries importing red willow

Red willow is usually exported to European countries, Far Asia, Central Asia and the Persian Gulf. Most imports of red willow are to the United States, the United Kingdom, China, Japan, the Netherlands and Taiwan, which are considered by exporters and wholesalers of red willow . Iran red willow

HS code or customs tariff for red willow shrub

Red willow Stems is under tariff line 06049000 .

The value of red willow in the European and Asian markets

In recent years, people used to light firewood due to lack of information about this tree, but now they are familiar with this tree and have realized how valuable this tree can be and the price of red willow in different countries. It is very high and they pay a lot of money to buy red willow.

The quality of red willow in Mahallat region is unparalleled due to the favorable climatic conditions in the world market and Mahallat red willow is known as a brand in the world.

Of course, in other places with these conditions can be of good quality. According to the statistics announced in 1995, about 550,000 branches of red willow have been exported to foreign countries from Mahallat city.

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red willow
red willow

Planting red willow for export in Iran

Mahallat city with 910 hectares of cultivated area ranks first in the country in the production and export of red willow and its harvest season is usually from mid-December to late March . Bozijan village and its suburbs have the highest area and production of red willow shrubs and this product is processed and packaged in the export terminal.

How to plant red willow

Use half-ripe cuttings in summer or hardwood cuttings in winter. Plant the cuttings in deep, well-drained soil. This shrub needs sunlight, so avoid shady places. The method of sowing seeds is through the wind in order for the white seeds covered by the wind to spread in the area and grow after a while.

Lands that are constantly exposed to sunlight are ideal areas for planting this tree. Also, areas that have moist soils and remain moist throughout the year, usually the mountainous areas of the region can be the best option for planting this tree.

Propagation of red willow tree

Red willow trees propagate in their native habitat from wind-blown seeds. You can also sow the seeds of the tree yourself, the seeds can be sown after the fruit of the trees bears fruit. When the fruits of the trees are ripe, you can open the capsules and take out the seeds and drop them in the wind. The average lifespan of these trees from planting is between 40 to 70 years .

Willow trees have extensive root systems and are adapted to seeking and absorbing water. The roots of red willow trees can grow elongated and damage the paving around the tree trunk. Red willow trees in their natural habitat grow mainly along rivers, valleys, water holes and in areas with a height of less than 1524 meters. The red willow tree grows in dry, unhealthy conditions and loses its leaves.

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Consumption of red willow tree

  • This tree is widely used in the basket making industry due to its flexible branches.
  • It is also used in the medical industry and has many applications in the manufacture of herbal medicines and is highly recommended for colds.
  • This tree is also used for decoration.
  • Red willow is a family of eucalyptus trees that is not only a beautiful and decorative shrub but also has healing, medicinal and antiviral properties. So that if several branches of each residential unit are kept for two months, the family members will not be infected with the cold virus.

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