Red willow stems

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Iran red willow stems

Our packaging specification:

Item Number of Bunches per box Number of Stems per Box Weight (kg)*
Small RedWillow- 50-80 cm, Without sub branches 100 bunches/box, 30 stems/bunch 3000 13
Medium RedWillow- 80-130 cm, With sub branches 100 bunches/box, 10 stems/bunch 1000 16
Standard RedWillow-130-180 cm, With sub branches 80 bunches/box, 10 stems/bunch 800 19


Red willow Specification:

Iran Red Willow : The red willow tree is known in Latin as the Red Willow Tree and scientifically as Salix purpurea (Salix laevigata)As its name suggests, this tree belongs to the willow family and is a type of willow tree. for more information please read Iran red willow specification.

Some Image of red willow (salix Spp):


red willow (salix Spp)

red willow (salix Spp)

red willow (salix Spp)

red willow (salix Spp)