Dried hydrangea flower

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Dried hydrangea flower

Dried hydrangea flower : Hydrangea, commonly named the hortensia, is a genus of over 75 species of flowering plants native to Asia and the Americas. By far the greatest species diversity is in eastern Asia, notably China, Korea, and Japan. Most are shrubs 1–3 m (3 ft 3 in – 9 ft 10 in) tall, but some are small trees, and others lianas reaching up to 30 m (100 ft) by climbing up trees. They can be either deciduous or evergreen, though the widely cultivated temperate species are all deciduous.

Hydrangea flowers are produced from early spring to late autumn; they grow in flowerheads (corymbs or panicles) most often at the ends of the stems. Typically the flowerheads contain two types of flowers: small non-showy fertile flowers in the center or interior of the flowerhead, and large, sterile showy flowers with large colorful sepals.
These flowers are often extended in a ring, or to the exterior of the small flowers. Plants in wild populations typically have few to none of the showy flowers, while cultivated hydrangeas have been bred and selected to have more of the larger type flowers.

Colors and soil acidity

In most species, the flowers are white, but in others (notably H. macrophylla), they can be blue, red, pink, light purple, or dark purple. In these species, floral color change occurs due to the presence of aluminum ions which are available or tied up depending upon the soil pH. For H. macrophylla and H. serrata cultivars, the flower color can be determined by the relative acidity of the soil: an acidic soil (pH below 7), will have available aluminum ions and typically produce flowers that are blue to purple, whereas an alkaline soil (pH above 7) will tie up aluminum ions and result in pink or red flowers. This is caused by a color change of the flower pigments in the presence of aluminum ions which can be taken up into hyperaccumulating plants.

Hydrangea Flower specifications

  • Hydrangea anomala – (climbing hydrangea) Himalaya, southwest China
  • Hydrangea arborescens – (smooth hydrangea) eastern North America
  • Hydrangea aspera – China, Himalaya
  • Hydrangea bretschneideri – China
  • Hydrangea chinensis – China and Taiwan
  • Hydrangea chungii – China
  • Hydrangea cinerea – (ashy hydrangea) eastern United States
  • Hydrangea coenobialis – China
  • Hydrangea davidii – China
  • Hydrangea glaucescens – China, Myanmar and Vietnam
  • Hydrangea gracilis – China
  • Hydrangea heteromalla – Himalaya, west and north China
  • Hydrangea hirta – Japan
  • Hydrangea hydrangeoides – Ulleungdo, Japan, Kurils
  • Hydrangea hypoglauca – China
  • Hydrangea integrifolia – China
  • Hydrangea involucrata – Japan, Taiwan
  • Hydrangea jelskii – Andes
  • Hydrangea kwangsiensis – China
  • Hydrangea kwangtungensis – China
  • Hydrangea lingii – China
  • Hydrangea linkweiensis – China
  • Hydrangea longifolia – China
  • Hydrangea longipes – western China
  • Hydrangea macrocarpa – China
  • Hydrangea macrophylla – (bigleaf hydrangea) southeast Japan, southern China
  • Hydrangea mangshanensis – China
  • Hydrangea paniculata – (panicled hydrangea) eastern China, Japan, Korea, Sakhalin
  • Hydrangea peruviana – Costa Rica and Panama, Andes
  • Hydrangea petiolaris – (climbing hydrangea) Japan, Korea, Sakhalin
  • Hydrangea quercifolia – (oakleaf hydrangea) southeast United States
  • Hydrangea radiata – (silverleaf hydrangea) southeast United States
  • Hydrangea robusta – China, Himalaya
  • Hydrangea sargentiana – western China
  • Hydrangea scandens – southern Japan south to the Philippines
  • Hydrangea serrata – Japan, Korea
  • Hydrangea serratifolia – Chile, western Argentina
  • Hydrangea strigosa – China
  • Hydrangea stylosa – China
  • Hydrangea tarapotensis – Andes
  • Hydrangea xanthoneura – China
  • Hydrangea zhewanensis – China
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Dried hydrangea flower Dried hydrangea flower