Dried protea flowers

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Dried protea flowers

Dried protea flowers : Coming from the Proteaceae family, the Protea genus includes more than 1,000 species. Consider welcoming protea plants to your outdoor space if you are a seasoned gardener in a warm, dry climate. These evergreens can grow low as shrubs or tall as trees depending on the variety.

Goblet-shaped flowers bloom in large clusters with fluffy centers surrounded by bracts that are bright and spiky. Be aware that protea flowers, nectar, and seeds are toxic to humans and pets. Protea repens, known as the common sugarbush and in Afrikaans as the suikerbossie, is an erect shrub growing in the southern regions of South Africa. Related to other proteas, this plant is a relatively adaptable and variable species and can be found growing widely in various soils. for more information please read Iran protea flowers specification .

Types of Protea Plants

‘King Protea’ (Protea cynaroides L.), which resembles a crown, and symbolizes beauty and resilience, is a well-known member of this genus (and South Africa’s national flower). ‘King Protea’ has yellow and red flowers with pink outer tips. One popular compact variety is protea ‘Little Prince’, and another beloved type of protea that blooms bountifully is called ‘Special Pink Ice’.

Most protea plants do not self-pollinate. However some close cousins in the Leucospermum and Serruria genus can self-pollinate and produce seed.

  • Leucospermums are also called pin-cushion proteas because their flowers curve upwards. Grow them as low shrubs in the ground or welcome them to a planter arrangement in wide shallow containers. If you live in a more temperate zone such as a cooler mountain region or on the coast, this type of protea may be best for your garden.
  • Serrurias protea include the cultivars ‘Blushing Bride’, which produces gorgeous creamy flowers, and ‘Pretty in Pink’, the flowers of which are thought to resemble pink-cheeked bridesmaids. Serruria protea plants grow well in well-draining containers, though they might not last more than one or two seasons.

Protea flowers specifications

  • Scientific name : Protea Repens
  • Order : Proteales
  • Family : Proteaceae
  • Genus : Protea
  • Species : P. repens
  • Sun Exposure : Full sun
  • Soil Type : Sand or loam that is very well-drained
  • Bloom Time : Late winter and spring
  • Bloom Color : Pink, white, cream
  • Native Area : South Africa


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